Diguni Web6.0 introduces Global Tour Summit in Bangkok Station with innovation in Ecosystem

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In May 2023, the "Entering the First Year of WEB6.0 Technology" themed conference, initiated by Hainan Storage Metaverse Technology Co., Ltd., will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. The convening of this conference signifies the official commencement of the global tour roadshow for the DIGUNI Web6.0 project advancement themed conference!

This conference will unite researchers, technology developers, and elites from various fields worldwide who hold an optimistic view on the vast prospects of WEB6.0, gathering in Bangkok, Thailand, to discuss topics such as the project progress, technological development, real-world application scenarios, and future prospects of Web 6.0. In the plan of the Web6.0 project team, following the inaugural meeting, the DIGUNI Web6.0 project advancement themed conference will be sequentially held in other countries or regions in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (China), Canada, the United States, Mainland China, and other regions.

Experts and representatives from various fields such as the Internet of Things, AI, imaging technology, blockchain, and 6G communications will be invited to attend this conference. Mr. Zhao Xiaobin of Hainan Meta-Universe Storage Ltd. has been invited to attend and deliver the opening speech. He will discuss the current progress and future prospects of the Web 6.0 project at the conference. Moreover, he is also initiating the involvement of a discussion team comprised of experts in the fields of Internet of Things, AI, imaging technology, blockchain, and 6G communications, as well as representatives from various sectors. Each will share the technological advancements they have achieved in their respective fields in recent years, their potential contributions to the future construction and implementation of Web 6.0, and the future development direction of their respective technologies.

The conference will explore and exchange views on the enormous market potential, economic value, and social value generated by the implementation of Web6.0.

The convening of this conference has significant social significance and value, indicating that under the leadership of Hainan Storage Metaverse Technology Co., Ltd., through cross-industry collaboration and the joint initiation of the WEB6.0 project by various research institutions and commercial entities, once it is fully implemented, it will cause a sensation worldwide.

The implementation of the Web6.0 project signifies that a new era is about to officially begin, where humans will transition from being "experiencers" to "creators". In the Web6.0 world constructed by DIGUNI, people can freely create, work, and live without violating the DAO conventions, and achieve true consciousness storage, immortality of consciousness, and interconnection of all things through consciousness alone.

The implementation of Web 6.0 will completely change existing human lifestyles, work, social interactions, and entertainment, leading humanity towards a brand new world!

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