IG CloudOps Introduces The Latest Automating Cloud Management Solution With Plug-and-play Technology For AWS and Azure

IG CloudOps provides technology that plugs straight into AWS & Azure and improves performance and reduces costs for businesses.

IG CloudOps, one of the leading providers of cloud management solutions, announces the rebranding movement and rolls out the latest version of its software platform, also named IG CloudOps. The update can now offer customers even greater control and visibility over their cloud environments. The cloud management solution allows every business to reach streamlined management, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs in AWS and Azure systems.

Being in the industry for 18 years, the IG CloudOps cloud management platform is built on best-of-breed open-source solutions. This ensures that users have access to the latest technology and features while benefiting from the expertise and support of the IG CloudOps AWS and Azure experts. With the updates, customers can benefit from a unified management platform whether they are using AWS, Azure, or both.

With the aim of building IG CloudOps to scale and repeat expertise knowledge for all customers, IG CloudOps has helped numerous organizations optimize their cloud operations and achieve their digital transformation goals. As certified partners for both Azure and AWS, IG CloudOps enhances its customers' existing skill sets so that they can concentrate on their core business, not their cloud infrastructure.

From cost and performance management to security audits, the business brings the best services to support clients. A cloud management platform like IG CloudOps can help businesses avoid overspending by providing real-time visibility into their resource usage. As part of the monitoring and cost analysis within IG CloudOps, cost recommendations are made to help identify underutilised or orphaned resources for attention. CloudOps integrates with the native cost APIs for both AWS and Azure so it can provide LIVE cost telemetry, budget alerts and running totals for hourly/monthly for clients’ price lists.

In addition, acknowledging that security is one of the most concerns of any business, IG CloudOps provides quarterly security audits which include automated penetration testing and security hardening. The cloud management platform can help you establish and maintain strong security and compliance practices. One point that makes IG CloudOps stand out in the market is the excellent customer support, which is always on and offers fault resolution.

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About IG CloudOps

IG CloudOps is a third-party cloud management platform that can help businesses to streamline their cloud management processes and optimize their cloud infrastructure for maximum efficiency. IG CloudOps supports many SME and enterprise customers with their cloud infrastructure and cloud projects, ensuring success for CTOs, FDs, MDs, IT teams and the wider business.

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