TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui 'Ana: A New Chapter in Texas Hunting Tradition

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Kevin Kersh introduces TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui 'Ana, a newly developed hunting ranch in Southwest Texas, offering an immersive hunting experience steeped in history and natural beauty.

SOUTHWEST TEXAS - Kevin Kersh, owner of TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui 'Ana (, is proud to announce the launch of his new hunting ranch in Southwest Texas. The property, which has been in Kersh's family for over 50 years, offers an exclusive hunting experience on ancient hunting grounds.

TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui 'Ana, named after the Hawaiian term for "the meeting place," is set amidst 546 pristine acres. The property sat virtually untouched for almost 50 years before being extensively developed. It now caters to high net worth individuals seeking an exclusive and immersive hunting experience.

The ranch offers trophy whitetail deer hunting opportunities, with the land rich in wildlife and natural beauty. The property's unique history, dating back over 15,000 years, adds to its allure. Artifacts found on the property suggest it was a gathering place for ancient hunters, adding a layer of mystique to the hunting experience. "The very first time I set foot on this property, I knew there was something unique, something special about this place," said Kersh. "I've been to some more physically beautiful places during my time in the Air Force, but there is a unique beauty and feeling here that is hard to find anywhere else."

Kersh, a retired Air Force veteran, inherited the property from his father. He spent the last eight years developing it into a viable business to keep it within the family. Despite lucrative offers to sell the property during the South Texas oil boom, Kersh felt a strong connection to the land and a desire to share its unique beauty and history with others. "This land holds a special place in my heart, not just for its natural beauty, but for the memories of my father. I feel his presence here, guiding me as I make decisions for TheRanch. I believe he would be proud of what we've created."

Sheldon Charron, President & CEO of ENTER360, directed the documentary that tells the story of TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui 'Ana that is featured on TheRanch website. "As a fellow hunter, I was deeply moved by Kevin's story," said Charron. "It was a privilege to help him develop the business and marketing strategy for TheRanch and to share this unique and beautiful place with the world."

TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui 'Ana Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting

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TheRanch@Camp Ka Hui 'Ana is a hunting ranch and spiritual retreat set amidst 640 pristine acres in Southwest Texas. The property offers an exclusive hunting experience on ancient hunting grounds, providing opportunities for trophy whitetail deer hunting. For more information, visit

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