BEN Coin and Hourglass Collectives Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Mass Crypto Adoption and Education

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The BEN Coin Collective has been trending since Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong joined the leadership team and now they've partnered with The Hourglass Collective, Co-Creators of The Next Crypto Gem

The BEN Coin Collective ($BEN) has been dominating crypto industry chat and social media trending lists since the announcement that Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong has taken on a key leadership role in the quickly growing community.

Their latest move is a strategic partnership with The Hourglass Collective, which was born out of the decentralized community surrounding $WAIT token.

The Hourglass Collective made several headlines recently announcing that Billionaire Jeff Mahoney was named as Hourglass Collective Chairman, Brian D. Evans of and George Tung of CryptosRus were brought in as advisors, and Layah and Gidean Heilpern joined as media partners, on top of several announcements regarding the TV series they finished filming in March, The Next Crypto Gem.

In the partnership between the Ben Coin and Hourglass Collectives, the $BEN token will be featured in “The Next Crypto Gem TV Series in which Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong is a guest star.

The Next Crypto Gem will be broadcast on both bspoke TV and Insight TV across its ever-growing network of 178 platforms in 55 Countries and 12 languages. Examples of confirmed platforms include Amazon Prime, DirectTV, PlutoTV, SamsungTV, and LG.

In addition, community leaders of the Ben Coin and Hourglass Collectives are developing a deeper alliance that includes potentially co-producing TV projects and feature films and partnering with epic live event activations around the world with the goal of taking crypto mainstream.

“I could not be more thrilled to partner with the BEN Coin Collective,” commented Hourglass Collective President, Jett Tang. “I’ve gotten to know Ben Armstrong over the last several months quite well and everyone knows he’s the ultimate showman in our space and has a massive loyal following. What some may not know yet is how incredibly dedicated he is to the fight for mass crypto adoption. We are completely aligned at Hourglass and have the resources to amplify everything the BEN Coin Collective is doing.”

“You may not know the Hourglass Collective yet, but you are going to find out who they are,” said Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong. “Hourglass is trying to bring crypto adoption to the entertainment space which perfectly aligns with Ben Coin Collective’s mission to bring crypto adoption through raising public awareness. I can’t really go into detail on some of the show ideas we have discussed with Hourglass… but people better watch out because they are big.”

So, what is the story on the Ben Coin Collective ($BEN)?

The project was actually launched by another Ben, Ben.ETH. Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong started out as just an interested community member, but over time he joined the leadership team and decided he wanted to be involved in the direction of the token. Eventually, BitBoy bought out the liquidity pool and the largest stack of $BEN tokens from Ben.eth and is now chairman of the Ben Coin Collective.

The BEN Coin Collective has 4 pillars of crypto adoption, which are Public Awareness, Strategic Education, Government Regulations, &andUnbiased Crypto News.

The extensive Roadmap for the Ben Collective is already well underway and announces that $BEN will be a governance token for the platform which also will offer an unbiased crypto news outlet by Q3. There are plans for multiple exchange listings with Bitforex and MexCglobal already listing the token. The main goal is a strategic education campaign with decentralized crypto workshops and deployment of ‘street teams’ to help spur on adoption.

Will this be the Year of the Ben? Time will tell, but the partnership with the Hourglass Collective adds firepower to their already stacked team. Hourglass brings to the table a community backed by a multi-billionaire that incubated the first crypto competitive reality TV show on mainstream TV. Hourglass also has several more projects in their Incubator program all focused on mass crypto adoption.

Meanwhile, the partnership with the Ben Coin Collective is a big win for Hourglass as they expect their visibility to skyrocket, considering Bitboy’s unmatched ability to attract eyeballs in this space. Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong has over 1.5M followers on YouTube and over 1 million on Twitter.

The award winning Neft Vodka is another sponsor of The Next Crypto Gem series. A key partner of the Hourglass Collective, Neft recently started ramping up their national events and celebrity studded parties as they catapult the ultra premium spirit into a globally recognized brand to rival the best. These extravagant events will also now partner with the BEN Coin Collective on activations alongside Hourglass. 

Jett, from The Hourglass Collective, also hinted that they “are in the early stages of working on developing other crypto TV shows as well as Season 2 of The Next Crypto Gem.” It's unclear what the Ben Collective’s involvement will be in these future endeavors. Since both the Ben Collective and The Hourglass Collective are proponents of crypto mass adoption, it would make sense for the teams’ work on both strategic and media partnerships to be a formative alliance.

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