New App, Cliques, Revolutionizes Social Connections by Providing a Platform for all - Couples, Singles, & Friends Alike.

Sarah Ann Marchica

Dating apps limit searches to other singles looking for a romantic partner. Cliques lets users create the connections they want, alone or with a friend or partner, based on similar lifestyles.

Cliques is not just another dating app. While finding partners for dates is an option, the idea started with a couple, looking for other couples to socialize with. Mezena and Gregorie had just moved to a new neighborhood. In the mood to mix and mingle, they sought out ways to find other couples to join them on their adventures. This simple wish was surprisingly harder than they thought. The two turned to social apps to discover people with similar interests, like bowling, movies, and nice restaurants. But instead found themselves faced with a plethora of singles apps and nothing designed for a couple to find other couples to hang out with.

What they needed didn't exist. Rather than have another night out with just the two of them, the team went to work on developing a new type of connection tool. They researched app builders in depth but realized that the first one that they came across, was the best fit. Integral App Studio joined the duo in the summer of 2020 to help them develop Cliques. Jay, the CEO of Integral, helped them refine their idea, and turn it into a simple and easy to use social connection platform. It took over a year of development, and even more time to refine the MVP, but Cliques is now ready to go mainstream.

The app helps people make the connections they want, whether it's alone, with a friend, or a partner. With unique filtering tools, Cliques matches people of similar interests and on similar paths in their lives. Not everyone is looking for a romantic date. Cliques helps users create new friendships, connect with professionals, find other movie buffs, or anything in between. Making meaningful connections online is not easy. Everyone, whether in a relationship or not, should be able to easily connect through shared interests, and Cliques is making that an option.

Couples, partners, and friendscan pair their accounts and create groupchats with their connections. To join groupchats with others, each individual has to accept a request. Every member of a Duo also has the option to see who their partner wants to connect with. This helps foster good relationships with friends and partners.

Cliques is currently available for download on Google Play and in the App store. Users can download, create a user account and profile, and experience all the necessary features of the app for free. Connecting and chatting can all be done within the free download. There is a premium experience available as well and for a limited time users can use the referral code 4X5Qit during the sign up process to unlock 7 days of free premium features 3 days after account creation.

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