Nightcars Releases New Pop Rock Single "On My Own"

Nightcars redefines pop rock with new single off third album.


Nightcars, the highly acclaimed pop/alternative rock band, is set to captivate music lovers worldwide with their latest single, "On My Own." The track, a sneak peek into their forthcoming EP “Extended Play Vol. 3,” and the last part of the project "Enter The City" project, which promises to leave an indelible mark on listeners with its irresistible blend of smooth vocals, infectious guitar riffs, and an enchanting aura that defines the band's unique sound.

With "On My Own," Nightcars showcases their unparalleled artistry and establish themselves as one of the most distinctive and exciting acts in the music industry today. The single effortlessly combines a nostalgic rock sensibility with a contemporary twist, resulting in a sonic experience that is both evocative and fresh. Fans of the band will be thrilled to witness Nightcars' evolution as they continue to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories.

The upcoming "Extended Play Vol. 3,” marks the final installment of Nightcars' captivating trilogy “Enter The City," and "On My Own" serves as its electrifying opening chapter. Listeners can expect an immersive journey through the band's musical universe, where each track presents a window into the stories, emotions, and experiences that shape Nightcars' creative vision.

Set to release on June 9th, "On My Own" will be available on all major digital streaming platforms, ensuring that fans worldwide can immerse themselves in the band's enchanting melodies and lyrical depth The single's seamless fusion of pop and alternative rock elements guarantees a universal appeal that will resonate with music enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Nightcars' signature sound, marked by their exceptional talent and innovative songwriting, has garnered widespread acclaim and a devoted fan base. "On My Own" is poised to solidify their position as a trailblazing force in the music industry and leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of listeners.

About Nightcars: Nightcars is a Venezuelan band that was formed by high school friends Nick Marchena (guitar and vocals), Cial Rodriguez (guitar), and Mebs Rosales (keyboards and synthesizers). The band started creating music together in their early years and quickly developed a passion for it. However, in the midst of political turmoil in Venezuela, the band made the decision to leave their home country and start a new life elsewhere. 

Some members of Nightcars moved to Madrid, while others stayed behind. Despite the distance, the band continued to work on music remotely, with Nick Marchena producing and mixing the first EP in his home studio. The EP contained the band's first two singles, "Neon Girl" and "I Was In A Dark Frame of Mind," which were well received and helped to build the band's reputation among audiences worldwide.

With the addition of a new member, electric bassist Adrián Rego, the band began working on their second EP, "Extended Play, Vol 2," which included the singles "The Call" and "Disappear." The EP further showcased the band's experimentation with new styles, vocal ranges, and arrangements. Nightcars also released a compilation of singles titled "Double Tap if You Like it," which earned them a spot among the 3 finalists for the Vodafone YU contest in Madrid. Having performed at Sofar Sounds, Basik Sessions, and Cadavraclub, Nightcars are quickly garnering a broad audience and following.

Nightcars is now based in Madrid, where all members reside and work on music together. They have continued to evolve their sound and style, with their upcoming third EP, "Extended Play Vol, 3," set to release in Q3 2023. The band's ability to create music in English while hailing from Venezuela is a unique aspect of their story and sets them apart in the Latin American music scene. With their passion for music and commitment to their craft, Nightcars is well on their way to making a name for themselves in the music industry.

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