Humble Inc Founder Launches AI Version of The Comparison Company

Charlie Lass, Founder of The Comparison Company

Charlie Lass launches an AI-enabled version of The Comparison Company to help customers compare home and business service pricing and find the best deals.

Dallas Inc and Humble Inc Founder and CEO Charlie Lass has announced the launch of an AI version of The Comparison Company (TCC). Two years after the website’s official launch, TCC now updates prices in real time for hundreds of thousands of users. The brand is raising one million dollars, Lass said, to bring the venture to its full potential.

“The world is difficult enough at the moment without worrying about comparing the prices of your services,” Lass said. “Sixty-three percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Nearly two-thirds of people are in need of a tool to save money where they can. We’ve built a tool that’s completely free, to simplify the process to save you time and money.”

TCC compares pricing of home utilities, loans, insurance, internet, cell phones, and business services. It identifies the top five suppliers in each sector to ensure that the best are presented to users. The goal is to evaluate suppliers and give users a useful tool to help them choose the most cost-effective services to meet their needs.

“No one enjoys shopping for utilities, so we built a way to simplify the process,” said Lass. So, TCC lets users manage and compare utilities across homes and businesses all on one website. All relevant services are displayed through an easy-to-use platform and payments can be automated to simplify the process of managing each service. The platform compares price fluctuations and allows users to switch to a lower-cost option where available each month.

“Inflation isn’t slowing down, and for many people, wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living,” Lass said. “Resources like TCC are more important than ever in this economy.”

Alongside the cost of almost every necessary service increasing in the last two years, the entrepreneur noted, interest rates have increased as well, which he says makes resources like TCC timely, giving consumers an edge to ensure they receive the most for their money.

About The Comparison Company:

The Comparison Company is a website that simplifies shopping the best deals for services and paying those bills. TCC does the work of comparing each service provider's prices and presenting the top five choices to the user on an easy-to-navigate platform.

About Charlie Lass:

Charlie Lass is a tech entrepreneur, MIT alumnus, lecturer, and author. Lass is the founder of Humble Inc, Dallas Inc, and The Comparison Company, and has been instrumental in the success of numerous successful businesses.

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