Industry experts highlight a new era of human and AI collaboration at LA #TechWeek

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Dr. Marty Trevino and Mark Weithorn address the relationship between AI and its applications in real estate, data science, and AI contributions.

On June 7th from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Mission Matters will present “How AI Will Disrupt Your Industry” at LA #Techweek with Razorfish, LAVA, and SVRN. The event will be held in West Hollywood as part of LA #Techweek at a venue to be announced prior to the event, featuring renowned cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Marty Trevino and DPI Showcase Websites President Mark Weithorn. Space is limited; guests can register to join the waitlist and await notification of approval.

Dr. Trevino and Mr. Weithorn, both experts in their respective industries, will explore how various industries from real estate and healthcare to data science are implementing and affected by artificial intelligence.

Dr. Trevino, a leading scientist and tech executive partnering with corporations, advisory boards, and universities, will discuss how AI is impacting the world as we know it. While formerly serving as a National Security Agency (NSA) technical officer, Dr. Trevino explored the topic of how the human brain trusts and makes decisions with AI and directed his research toward human/AI symbiosis.

“We could apply this deepening understanding of cognitive neuroscience and… [of] the visual analytics to help get desirable organizational outcomes like innovation and productivity,” says Dr. Trevino. “Establishing trust and learning how human beings utilize technology will enable us to develop new models, create value, and solve problems not before possible.” Trevino’s understanding of cognitive neuroscience will inform the key insights he shares at the event with regard to increasing business productivity.

Weithorn, President of DPI Showcase Websites, expanded his company to stay “on the bleeding edge” of artificial intelligence in the real estate market. “The advent of ChatGPT and AI is one of those pivotal moments in technology history,” he says. Having evolved the real estate business by adding AI technology to online real estate websites and CRMs, including the incorporation of AI blogging, he says, “For Realtors, it allows them to be more creative when it comes to social media posting. Presently, this is in its infancy; the system is still learning and growing. As ChatGPT evolves, we will be implementing more features into our system of websites for real estate agents.”

This “How AI Will Disrupt Your Industry” event, hosted by Mission Matters and partners, will provide insight for individuals and businesses at LA #TechWeek who want to learn about AI’s anticipated outcomes across specific industries.

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