The Fun Home Novelty Company (TFHNC) introduces unique, vibrant, quality & most importantly FUN home décor items.

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The Fun Home Novelty Company designs and produces novelty home décor with an emphasis on items for kids that complement their hobbies and interests.

Plymouth, MI 05/31/2023 - Through their own website:, plus popular e-commerce sites including Amazon, Wal-Mart Marketplace, eBay, Wayfair and many more, The Fun Home Novelty Company offers a variety of bedding, towels, blankets, pillows and other FUN items direct to consumers. In addition, TFHNC has expanded to wholesale opportunities focused on independent and specialty retailers through traditional direct sales channels, as well as through websites like Faire.

President & Founder, Geary Priehs, took decades of experience in the home decor, toys and craft industries and launched The Fun Home Novelty Company amid the COVID lock down. When asked about this timing, Priehs’ response was, “It was a risky time to start a company with uncertainties on supply chain and switching to a new way of working, but simultaneously there was an opportunity to ride the wave of increased online shopping.”

Where did you come up with the concept for the company? “My mission in starting this small family-owned business was to provide consumers with FUN, unique and high-quality items at a good value… SMILES free of charge with every purchase.”

The idea for The Fun Home Novelty Company comes from a combination of “those kids that had the cool parents”, “those kids that had the cool house” and “the fun home to hang out at” coupled with the idea to be as creative, unique, family-oriented, and FUN as possible with every item.

Our desire was to build a company where every item brought a smile to the face of the person that bought it, as well as every person that saw it. We want every person that sees our items to say, “That’s Fun!” or “That’s Cool!”

Tell us how the FUN began. “The initial product line included Round Blankets, Round Wearable Blankets with Arms, Pillows, Twin & Full Bed Sets with Round Comforters and Round Sleeping Bag Blankets. We focused on the unique, round shape for most of our items to emphasize the larger-than-life designs and the FUN element they offer. Though we made sure not to interfere with the normal functionality or look of the product trying to be unique, it may take users some time to get used to these new designs and break away from the traditional throw blanket, bed set, pillow…or even sleeping bag.”

“We are really proud of our Sleeping Bag Blankets. There are some items available where two blankets are sewn together with a zipper to create a sleeping bag, but where we excel is in the unique round design and where others use two flimsy blankets sewn together to save cost, ours are thick, high-quality blankets that can truly give you the function and warmth of a sleeping bag.”

Any new products on the horizon? “We have added Round Towels and our plan is to continually grow our assortment of bath, outdoors and every other category for the home.”

We went over the concept behind the company’s name, but what was the drive behind the startup? “I started the company for a variety of reasons, but the real driving factor were my 3 kids, Aubriana, Camden & Gibson. I wanted to build something for them and help them at a young age understand how business worked, both the good and bad. They currently don’t play a significant role in the business, being so young, but I try to get them to help where they can. I include them in the FUN stuff, like picking out designs. I am trying to capture as many hobbies and interests as possible with the designs. Having three unique personalities with different interests helping me make the decisions is a fantastic way for us to grow our relationship stronger and give them a sense of ownership in the company. Additionally, throughout the website and packaging, you can see the three of them featured using the products, as they are our primary models for the items.”

Where does the concept for the designs come from? “When I launched the company, there were a ton of options out there that were food focused towards kids. We included some of that in our line, but we wanted to capture everyone’s interests, so our designs capture kid’s love of art, animals, pets, sports, space, nature & food primarily now, but we plan to expand that to as many interests as we can cover.”

Do your designs lend themselves to the everyday, then? “In 2022, we launched into the seasonal market as well. For Easter, we designed and produced Easter Egg-Shaped Blankets that resemble what a kid would paint on a real egg. Additionally, we launched our Holiday or Christmas line of ornament blankets. These feature round blankets with designs of tree ornaments, but also include other recognizable holiday favorites, like giant bows, wreaths and peppermint candies.”

In closing, Geary said, “We are truly a family business. We have nephews, aunts, and other employees’ kids featured on our packaging and website and in the end, that’s what it is all about, Family & FUN. We are grateful for all of the customers that purchase one of our unique items, support family-owned & small business and hope that we can help make your house the “Fun Home” on the block. And, as always, … SMILES are free of charge with every purchase.”

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Geary Priehs

[email protected] (We are a small business, and all emails are responded to directly from the President)

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