7 Best and Brilliant AI Music Generators

AI music generators are powerful tools that can compose, harmonize, and produce mesmerizing melodies.

The world of music is constantly evolving, and AI tools has brought revolutionary advancements to music creation. AI music generators are powerful tools that can compose, harmonize, and produce mesmerizing melodies. In this article, we will explore seven of the best and most brilliant AI music generators available today. Each of these AI-powered platforms offers unique features and capabilities that are pushing the boundaries of musical creativity. Let's dive in and discover how these AI music generators are transforming the way we create and experience music.


Soundful is an AI music generator developed by Diaa El All in 2021. This innovative tool allows users to effortlessly create music by selecting various music styles and adjusting related parameters. Additionally, Soundful can adapt the music based on text prompts provided by the user. All the compositions generated by Soundful are original AI creations, ensuring users don't have to worry about copyright infringement. Moreover, users have the option to share their musical creations on popular social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, potentially earning a profit when their shared songs gain traction. Soundful's mission is to simplify the process of music creation, making it accessible to everyone.

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Soundful Features

  • Automatic song generation: Soundful allows users to effortlessly generate music by selecting relevant music information.

  • Multiple genres: Users can choose from a wide range of genres, including classical and pop, catering to different musical preferences.

  • Customization support: Soundful offers the flexibility to adjust music parameters, empowering users to create unique compositions.

  • Download capability: Users can conveniently download the created music for various purposes.

  • Text-to-music support: Soundful enables users to generate music by entering text prompts, expanding creative possibilities.

2.Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V is an online AI audio synthesis tool that transforms text lyrics and melodies input by users into realistic vocal music. This advanced tool supports customizable singer characteristics, including timbre, pitch, and various music effects. Unlike traditional sampled audio sources, Synthesizer V utilizes AI and machine learning technology to simulate human vocal performances, resulting in more natural and vivid audio compositions.

Synthesizer V Features

  • Automatic vocal generation: Input lyrics and melody, and Synthesizer V generates realistic vocal singing automatically.

  • Singer customization: Users can customize the singer's tone, pitch, music effects, and more, adding personal touches to the composition.

  • Song parameter adjustments: Synthesizer V provides options to adjust rhythm, speed, volume, and other parameters to refine the final output.

  • Multi-track recording and editing: Users can work with multiple tracks, allowing for intricate compositions and detailed editing.

  • Export options: Synthesizer V supports exporting songs as WAV or MIDI files, facilitating integration with other music production tools.


BeatBot, developed by Splash, is an AI music creation tool available online. It utilizes AI technology to generate original short songs based on the text content provided by users. With Splash's proprietary AI algorithms for vocals and music, along with GPT-3 for lyrics, BeatBot can create personalized song content for a wide range of applications. Whether for personal use, soundtracks, or videos, the songs generated by BeatBot can be directly incorporated into various creative projects.

BeatBot Features

  • Automated music generation: By inputting a short text prompt, BeatBot can generate music automatically.

  • Style diversity: BeatBot offers various music styles for users to choose from, ensuring a wide range of creative options.

  • Unique compositions: BeatBot creates distinctive music based on the provided text prompts, resulting in original and personalized tracks.

  • User-friendly interface: BeatBot's functions are designed to be easily accessible, making music generation a seamless process.


MIDI-GPT is an AI-powered online music generator that launched in November 2022. It specializes in generating MIDI files from natural language queries. MIDI-GPT, derived from Repl37, utilizes GPT-3.5-turbo and few-shot prompts to generate MIDI files based on user input. The exported MIDI files contain comprehensive information such as music tempo and rhythm. As an open-source tool, MIDI-GPT is freely available for users to utilize and modify without any charges.

MIDI-GPT Features

  • AI-powered music generation: MIDI-GPT utilizes AI technology to automatically generate music from text inputs.

  • Human-like tracks: Trained on a vast dataset of over 400,000 songs, MIDI-GPT produces tracks that closely resemble those created by humans.

  • Inspiration for musicians: MIDI-GPT serves as a valuable source of inspiration for musicians, providing fresh ideas for songwriting.

5.Text to Song

Text to Song by Voicemod is a powerful AI music generator that simplifies the process of creating songs from text. Users can input descriptive sentences or keywords, and Text to Song will transform them into beautiful music compositions. This versatile tool offers a variety of musical styles and instruments to choose from, allowing users to adjust parameters such as speed and pitch. Furthermore, Text to Song enables users to easily share their created songs on platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok, and YouTube, enhancing the enjoyment of pleasant music with friends.

Text to Song Features

  • Automated music generation: Text to Song utilizes AI technology to generate diverse songs based on text inputs.

  • Text-driven composition: Users can quickly create songs by inputting text, streamlining the creative process.

  • Versatility in styles: Text to Song supports the creation of various musical styles, expanding the range of possibilities.

  • Sharing capabilities: Users can easily share their created songs on platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and TikTok.


AIVA is an AI-driven online music generator that assists users in quickly producing emotionally evocative music compositions. With a wide range of music styles available, AIVA allows users to generate complete music works effortlessly with just a few clicks. Subscribers to the Pro plan even have the option to own the copyright of the entire music composition, granting them the freedom to utilize their creations for commercial activities. Whether an indie game developer, a music novice, or a seasoned composer, AIVA is a valuable resource in the creative process.

AIVA Features

  • Efficient composition creation: AIVA enables users to swiftly create emotive and complete musical compositions with just a few steps.

  • Diverse style presets: AIVA offers a broad selection of styles, including Modern Cinematic, Electronic, Pop, Ambient, Rock, and Fantasy.

  • Ownership of copyright: Subscribing to the Pro plan grants users full copyright ownership of any work produced with AIVA.


Riffusion is a completely free and open-source AI music creation tool. It offers users a diverse range of music styles, including saxophone, violin, church bells, and more, enabling them to experiment and create unique musical compositions. Riffusion generates images from text inputs and optimizes the model to create spectrograms, which are then converted into audio clips. With Riffusion, anyone can input cues to generate music, and the resulting compositions can also be used for commercial purposes. This tool provides a seamless and accessible way to explore musical creativity.

Riffusion Features

  • Text-driven music creation: Riffusion generates music based on text inputs provided by the user.

  • Varied styles: Riffusion offers an array of styles, such as saxophone, violin, church bell, allowing users to explore different musical expressions.

  • Intuitive and engaging process: Transforming sound into images adds a unique and captivating element to the music creation experience.

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The realm of AI music generators is expanding, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music creation. Soundful, Synthesizer V, BeatBot, MIDI-GPT, Text to Song, AIVA, and Riffusion are seven remarkable AI music generators that offer unique features and capabilities. From generating immersive compositions to creating captivating vocals, mesmerizing beats, and authentic guitar riffs, these AI music generators provide endless possibilities for musicians, composers, and producers. Embrace the power of AI and explore new dimensions of musical creativity with these brilliant AI music generators. Let the harmonies of the future inspire your musical journey.

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