High-Flying Web3 Startup nealthy Makes Power Move by Founding in Dubai

High-Flying Web3 Startup nealthy Makes Power Move by Founding in Dubai

By operating from UAE nealthy will enjoy benefits of world-leading investment and regulatory framework, as well as access to forward-thinking users and partners

Startup nealthy, a transformative Web3 project built to help people invest in web3 through indices, has announced the official founding of its corporate headquarters to Dubai. The move comes soon after the highly regarded project raised $1.3 million in pre-seed funding to grow the core team and foster rapid development.

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The blockchain, crypto, and NFT industries have grown exponentially over the last few years. NFTs, in particular, are reimagining what is possible in the world of blockchain-based decentralization, transparency, and efficiency. NFT marketplaces saw a staggering 100 million unique monthly visitors last year. At the same time, many would-be investors still face significant barriers when it comes to keeping up with rapidly changing developments in the web3 space.

To overcome these challenges, nealthy provides index tokens that replicate the structure of classic exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By storing multiple digital assets in on-chain vaults, building a diversified portfolio, and issuing an underlying indicator token. The first token will be called $nNFTS (which retains its real value through a peg to recognized blue-chip NFTs), nealthy is lowering the barriers to entry and opening the floodgates of digital asset investment to people around the world.

The leadership team of CEO Ludwig Schroedl, CTO Zied Said, and CMO Tim Pascual said that Dubai-based operations would help expand to a crypto-friendly region renowned for its forward-looking strategies. “We are thrilled to announce our move to new corporate headquarters in Dubai. From the standpoint of Dubai’s robust investment market to its renown as a hub for innovation, tourism, collectibles, luxury, and more, operating from Dubai will give nealthy access to the customers, investors, partners, and collaborators needed to bring nealthy’s performant solutions to as wide a user base as possible. We are excited about the next stage of our journey and cannot wait to power ahead with new releases and developments for our clients, partners, and investors,” said Ludwig Schroedl.

Dubai’s establishment of VARA, the world’s first independent virtual assets regulatory authority, will help in achieving these goals. Furthermore, since nealthy processes proof of reserve on the Ethereum network, users can rest assured of the validity of all nealthy holdings and transactions – another major benefit of the platform. nealthy also stores all assets in secured smart contracts for the security of user assets and investments.

These features make nealthy a unique and pioneering solution for investors looking for convenient and reliable investment tools that mirror different markets transparently and with manageable costs. This lowers entry barriers, minimizes risks and is the gateway for everyone to enter the financial world of web3.

Many product releases and updates are expected to come over the next few weeks and months. Interested parties can follow the project at www.nealthy.com.

About nealthy

Startup nealthy was founded by experienced serial entrepreneurs and cultured DeFi investors to provide accessible, diversified exposure to digital assets. Layering portfolio management deep tech on crypto tokens, nealthy is more than just curated assets. Combined with transparency of funds, nealthy provides ETF and index-like funds for the digital asset investor. Visit www.nealthy.com for registration and media inquiries and follow nealthy on Twitter.

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