Kosmos Reimagines Digital Storytelling Using Immersive Experiences, Blockchain Technology, and Artificial Intelligence

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Kosmos is a new story publishing tool that empowers creators to develop immersive story worlds using the powerful engagement tools of web3.

A new story publishing tool is under development, and it already has an impressive list of partners and advisors. Kosmos will empower creators to develop immersive story worlds, fostering a strong connection between creators and fans through bespoke, interactive, and gamified experiences. Unlike conventional platforms, Kosmos will integrate innovative tech including blockchain and AI to prioritize unique user experiences, allowing readers to return to captivating stories they can't help but share. Creators retain full control over their stories' UI, branding, and monetization, ensuring a personalized and engaging storytelling journey for all.

The project is an official Hourglass ($WAIT) incubated project with an impressive list of advisors and angel investors, including Jett Tang, Executive Producer of The Next Crypto Gem, as well as Jeff Mahony, Chairman of SaveDaily Holdings Corp and Managing Director of NEFT Vodka USA, Inc. With ownership in several dozen companies, Mahony has over 30 years of experience building a vast array of sectors, developing AI and leading teams in the technology space. The advisory board also includes Inc 500 entrepreneur Brian D. Evans of BDE Ventures and George Tung, founder of CryptosRUs. Combined, these power players will help bring the power of storytelling to the masses.

Stories are a cornerstone of human history, linking cultures, imparting knowledge, and nurturing empathy across generations. Kosmos was born from lead writer Rae Wojcik's quest for a community-based publishing outlet with immersive storytelling and monetization options. Dissatisfied with traditional platforms like Kindle or Wattpad, she joined forces with Stephen Poynter for help. An entrepreneur, Web3 investor, and Author, Stephen decided to develop a platform that embraces innovative technology to revolutionize the storyteller-audience relationship, enabling interactive and engaging experiences for readers immersed in captivating lore.

Kosmos is now in development with BlockSafe, a full-stack web3 launchpad service led by CTO Kenneth Null. Felix Norden, AI expert and web3 advisor, is helping Kosmos integrate AI into a range of tools within the Kosmos platform, maximizing the user experience while minimizing creator workload.

“When you go to an individual story, it should feel like you are in that story world,” said CEO Stephen Poynter. "The entire user experience will be customizable for each story." The platform will offer a free version as well as paid tiers for creators and readers that are completely customizable, giving creators the option to set their own prices.

Kosmos will debut with exclusive content from its Flagship partners, granting them lifetime access. These partners predominantly belong to the web3 realm and include Neo Tokyo, NonFungibleArcade, Worlds Beyond, Alpha District, The Kingdom, Neo MasterPiece Films, BeNFT, This Thing of Ours, and Sitka World, which is Wojcik’s own IP that spurred on the development of the project.

Kosmos launch partners will help demonstrate to other communities and creators how Kosmos enables their members to craft unique lore centered around their individual NFTs. This empowers members to not only explore the community's overarching stories but also to delve into the captivating narratives surrounding each character within the group. This personalized storytelling approach fosters a deeper sense of ownership, creativity, and immersion, enhancing the overall experience for every community member.

The team plans to be deep in the development stage through Q1 2024. In the meantime, creators, storytellers, and story-lovers can learn more by visiting the website at kosmosapp.com or following their twitter @kosmos_stories to be the first to know and receive early access to exclusive content.

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