Digital Health Innovator Perigon Health 360 Announces Partnership with Instacart Health

Perigon Health 360, a leading digital healthcare company, is excited to announce its partnership with Instacart Health to address food insecurity among patients.

Leading healthcare tech firm collaborates with Instacart Health, aiming to combat patient food insecurity and enhance holistic health management

Perigon Health 360, a foremost digital healthcare firm, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Instacart Health to tackle food insecurity amongst patients. This groundbreaking partnership seeks to ensure that patients obtain the vital nourishment needed for managing and preserving their health.

Digital Health Innovator Perigon Health 360 Announces Partnership with Instacart Health, Offering Patients Assistance with Food Insecurity

Leading digital healthcare firm, Perigon Health 360, has joined forces with Instacart Health to aid patients in securing the essential nourishment required to manage and maintain their health. Pioneering with an all-inclusive patient engagement software platform, Perigon Health 360's newest feature, Medesto Connect, allows for audio file engagement, facilitating the assessment of social determinants of health (SDoH) which is then succeeded by tailored patient concierge support. "Our schemes are amassing real-time medication adherence data and vital statistics from patients through significant escalations and interventions. By forging a link to the patient’s provider, we can truly avert adverse outcomes," comments Ted Mills, CEO of Perigon Health 360. "It's only logical that we address the impact of nutrition on our patients' disease progression."

This digital health titan's trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric, recently gaining the notice of national payers, pharmaceutical firms, as well as high-risk clinics and ACOs in search of comprehensive patient engagement. Justin Gauvin, Perigon Health 360's Head of Product, elucidated that their innovation is "merely the beginning in digital patient care." He went on to say, "Our Medesto Go handheld medication adherence apparatus is set to launch in Q1. This unique technology empowers us to bolster medication adherence, even when patients are on the move. My teams are refining the product based on feedback from both patients and providers, ensuring we engage patients in the manner they prefer, rather than how we assumed they would." Given the company's recent initiatives to address food insecurity and other SDoH, Gauvin's sentiment comes as no surprise.

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