RAW dating app is on a mission to fix 100 broken hearts every week

RAW dating app is on a mission to fix 100 broken hearts every week

The app's unique approach involves collecting stories of heartbreak from its users and providing them with the coveted Premium version and paying $30K total for sending users on dates.

[New York, August, 2023] – Pop culture and TikTok with its 'romanticize your life' trend have idealized the idea of elevating everyday activities into something special. Some influencers present curated or sensational versions of their lives, leading to unhealthy comparisons and distorted views. This can normalize harmful behaviors like romanticizing heartbreak or abuse. Heartbreak is only romantic in movies. In real life, it can be harsh and unpleasant, but also true and unfiltered. And it's okay.

“We at RAW are trying to avoid that by constantly encouraging our users to share realistic and unfiltered photos of themselves and their everyday life. Otherwise, we’re all just missing out on truthfulness and immediacy of life, and losing ourselves in the process”, - says Marina Anderson, co-founder of RAW.

Staying true to its mission of turning heartbreak into a chance for new love, RAW is here to heal 100 broken hearts every week. It's not just about finding love; it's about supporting each other through the ups and downs of modern dating.

The process is simple: RAW encourages its users to open up and share their stories of heartache on TikTok, and in return, they get access to RAW's Premium version. Then, these stories are made available for the audience to engage with, as they are invited to rate the "broken heart" scale in the comments. Based on this collective feedback, RAW determines the duration for which the storyteller receives the Premium version of the app to meet new cool people.

And here's the twist that's got everyone talking – the author of the most touching heartbreak story gets a special chance to go on a dream date. And guess what? RAW pays for everything!

"Our mission is to mend 100 broken hearts every week, one story at a time," says Marina Anderson. "We believe that by sharing our experiences, supporting one another, and staying true to ourselves, we can transcend the pain of heartbreak and embrace the possibilities of love once again."

RAW is committed to its mission with a focus on authenticity, spontaneity, and respect. Give it a try and see if you can find that spark again – a real shot at love.

About RAW:

RAW is a dating app that encourages people to show their true, unfiltered version through daily photo updates captured in real time only using a double camera.

Unlike any other dating apps, RAW requires users to take a new photo every day using their device's two cameras. One shot gets you into today’s swipe game. The time of the posting changes daily — so the users never know when and where they'll be 'caught', keeping them on their toes and creating an air of spontaneity.

Let's get RAW!

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