Radikal Neon Celebrates its Grand Opening of its first US Store on Melrose Avenue

Radikal Neon is proud to service Los Angeles and the wider USA as the most affordable and reliable supplier of custom neon signs.

Radikal Neon, a renowned leader in neon signage, has brought its unique glow to the heart of Los Angeles with the opening of its first-ever store in the US, located on the iconic Melrose Avenue.

Known for constructing both striking and dazzling neon signs, Radikal Neon is poised to light up the streets of LA like never before. The move marks a significant expansion for the company and a testament to its commitment to spreading creativity, art, and light throughout the world.

After making waves in New Zealand with its captivating displays in homes, business’ & events alike, Radikal Neon is crossing borders to offer its unique brand of illumination to the American audience. Best known for their captivating custom neon signs, Radikal Neon set out to enlighten Melrose Avenue with the opening of their first LA store.

Radikal Neon has accumulated a dedicated online following for its ability to transform spaces with custom neon creations that capture eyeballs and evoke emotion. From bold and edgy designs to elegant and classic statements, Radikal Neon's portfolio boasts a wide array of artistic expressions that cater to both personal and commercial tastes.

The new store on Melrose Avenue promises to be an immersive experience for visitors, showcasing the diverse possibilities of LED neon art. Customers will have the opportunity to explore a vast collection of pre-made designs or collaborate with Radikal Neon's talented team to bring their dream neon sign to life.

For more information, please visit: https://www.radikalneonsigns.com/us/

About Radikal Neon

Radikal Neon® is the originator of the LED neon glow since 2016. From classic designs to custom, one-of-a-kind pieces; Radikal Neon illuminates spaces with its captivating and expressive neon art. Since then the team has gained over 20 friendly faces, and now has local operations in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ireland & Australia, providing customers with the highest quality LED neon signs via unparalleled customer service.

Contact Info:
Name: Tom Numan
Email: [email protected]
Organization: Radikal Neon
Phone: 323-424-3296
Website: https://www.radikalneonsigns.com/us/

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