‘Pusser’ The Motion Picture Set To Start Filming Early 2024

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The story of iconic legendary sheriff Buford Pusser will start early 2024.

‘Pusser’ a remake of story of the legendary sheriff Buford Pusser will start filming early 2024. As many will remember the film that broke records in the early 70’s staring Joe Don Baker. A remake was done again in 2004 staring Dwayne Johnson which portrayed Chris Vaughn being an inspired by a true story of the legendary sheriff. The filmmakers at Paradestormer Productions, Bright Morning Star Films and Silver Screen Indie plan on telling a one of a kind story. This story will be told by the grandson Eric Vance, Michael Vance, relatives and the true events from the Pusser Museum in Adamsville Tennessee.

As many people have heard the story which sparked many police men and women joining the force since the 70’s due to Buford’s courage to do the right thing. A quote that lived up to the man’s true true size being “What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong”. Buford Pusser towered 6’6 in real life.

The film will be directed and cinematography by the B Twins Johnny Reeves (Child Of Love, Great White Throne Judgment, Domme), Weiss Night (Child Of Love, Great White Throne Judgement, Consider The Lilies). The film will be written by Johnny Reeves with true testaments supplied by living relatives, and historical documentations from the Pusser Museum. Eric Vance, Michael Vance (Grandson’s) will be working closely with Johnny and Michelle Baxter putting the script together.

‘Pusser’ will be produced by Joan Uselman (Child Of Love, Sherwood), Jack Hager (Child Of Love, Great White Throne Judgement), Michael Giancana (Great White Throne Judgement), Nick Monroe (Red Forrest, Domme, Child Of Love) and Michelle Baxter who works closely with the family and the Pusser Museum. The Executive producers on this film will be Buford’s grandson’s Eric Vance, Michael Vance, Tina Mullins from the Pusser Museum and Michael Charest. Paradestormer Productions will be the production company, Bright Morning Star Films and its partners will be producing the film and Silver Screen Indie will be coming on board as in associated with the producers and production company.

As the film has been in the script phase for the past few months a locked script is with in weeks to be completed. As filmmakers are keeping tight lips on casting we do expect to see some familiar faces from their last films. Principle Photography will start early 2024 filming locations will be set in the same town Buford Pusser resided in the town of Adamsville TN. The filmmakers will be working closely with David Leckner the Mayor Of Adamsville TN for locations in making this monumental film.

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