Time is everything. When it comes to saving your marriage

Time is everything. When it comes to saving your marriage

People often don’t count the time that passes until they are ready to change the situation. How much inconvenience or misery are they ready to bear until looking for a solution? Unfortunately, these destructive tendencies are especially true to marital issues.

Statistics reveal that on average couples tend to wait around 6 years of feeling unhappy before getting help.

People go through different stages: ignoring the issue, hoping for the best, unsuccessful attempts to fix the relationship, doubts they are capable of a change, hesitance the marriage is worth saving.

The truth is marriage is so sacred and valuable that psychologists and relationship coaches keep studying human relationships, analyzing the behavioral patterns leading to marital conflicts and developing solution methods. The whole industry of marriage coaching is dedicated to helping people with broken relationships. Online marriage coaching is an innovative and the most progressive way to save a marriage.

According to the experience of Dr John Grimani, neuropsychologist, coach and founder LionHeart Marriage Coaching, the key factor in whether the marriage coaching works is timing. Sometimes couples just wait too long to rescue their marriage. People waste time growing misunderstandings and resentments instead of learning how to communicate, forgive and resolve conflicts.

“During 20 years of my practice working with couples I saw it so many times - the longer people wait inactively the harder it is to help them. Time is killing in this case. The longer you hold the deeper the gap between the partners becomes. It’s hard to define a general critical period for each couple and the root cause of conflict can vary - affair, lack of communication, loneliness in marriage, lies and mistrust, financial conflicts - but the process is absolutely the same. In our LionHeart Marriage community we see a lot of bitter revelations. After reconciliation our clients usually regret “if only I came sooner... my children wouldn’t suffer for so long, my spouse wouldn’t experience so

much misery, i wouldn't need to work so hard to fix everything”. While seeing these truly beautiful and inspiring examples of reconnection, my heart reaches out to those who still hesitate and wait for a miracle.”- shares Dr John.

A lot of unhappy spouses get stuck into the stage of disruptive questions: “Is my marriage savable?” or “Should we at all stay together?” or “Can I save this relationship alone?”

These questions are complicated and there is no common answer - each story is unique. But one thing is true for all these discouraged couples - it is wise and rewarding to invest your time and effort into improving your marriage.

So, the first secret to a happy marriage is to act. It is critical to admit that the relationship turned out to be dysfunctional and need professional help.

Marriage coaches help individuals identify and communicate their goals and expectations for the relationship. They provide tools and resources to help people improve their problem-solving skills. Moreover, they work with a person to develop an action plan to achieve their relationship goals. Finally, marriage coaches provide support and accountability to stick to the action plans and make lasting changes in the relationships.

“Fortunately, our clients in LionHeart Marriage made a proactive decision to fight for their marriages, to find a solution that stopped their pain, - mentions Dr John Grimani, - “Last year we saved 2734 marriages. Although we consider this number as a success and proof of the exceptional professionalism of our team it’s just a drop in the ocean of broken marriages. Our mission is to help as many couples as possible, decrease the suffering and transform marriages. That is why we have a special offer for the fall of 2023 as we managed to improve the capabilities of our coaches. I strongly encourage everyone who is willing to give their marriage another chance, who’s not ready to give up and desperately looks for a solution - talk to a professional coach. We built our system in a way that we provide complimentary sessions that by itself serve as a relief for thousands of people who reach out to us. Hope my words will be heard by those who need it.”

While most people wait for their marriage issues to become unbearable, getting help early on may be healing. Getting communication skills, learning conflict-solving methods, and reviving the emotional intimacy can reconcile the marriage.

There is no such thing as perfect conflict-free marriage. But it is absolutely possible to get a secret weapon to stay connected and reconcile with a partner.

If you feel that you face a problem as a couple - marriage coaching can be a useful tool to get your marriage back on track.

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