Dr. Chriska Mustafa’s Journey through Motherhood and Opening a Dental Practice

Dr Mustafa speaks on her journey through motherhood and opening a dental practice.

Opening a dental practice while being a new mother might sound like an unfeasible feat for many, but for Dr. Chriska Mustafa, it was the opportunity to create a balanced and fulfilling life. Her journey is not just a testament to what is possible when passion meets persistence, but also a roadmap for others who find themselves at a similar crossroad.

“In the corporate world, you might be making money, but at the expense of spending time with your children. The only way I could attend my child's dance practice or swim lessons was by having control over my schedule. And for that, I had to become a business owner," Dr. Chriska reflected.

Many expectant parents, especially mothers, find themselves torn between their professional ambitions and the responsibilities of parenthood. The prospect of opening a private practice while managing the demands of motherhood can be particularly daunting, given the conventional wisdom that private practices are a dying breed and the challenges of being both a mom and a business owner are too great.

Dr. Chriska’s experience, however, challenges this notion and serves as an inspiration.

“Someone once told me to focus on being a mom and let my husband work. But I didn’t go to school for eight years to just sit at home. I needed to find a balance,” she stated emphatically.

Her husband, Matt, remained a pillar of support, constantly reinforcing her belief in her capabilities. “Chriska, you can do this,” he would tell her. His unwavering support was critical to her journey.

One of the key lessons Dr. Chriska shares is the importance of finding the right support. She credits the book "Who Not How" for shifting her perspective from figuring out 'how' to do something to finding the 'who' that can help achieve it. This principle led her to collaborate with Ideal Dental Practices, a decision she describes as the "best investment" she made.

Additionally, her association with “Mommy Dentists in Business” and the mentorship of individuals like Sheila Samaddar, a successful business owner who opened her own private practice in Capitol Hill just 5 days after a C-section, further reinforced her belief in her path. Samaddar, a mother of two and now the president of the Academy of General Dentistry in DC, has been listed among Washingtonian’s top dentists in the past couple of years while accomplishing significant professional milestones.

“If the idea brings even an ounce of joy, go for it. And if you don’t understand the business side, find your 'who'. Life is about trade-offs, and there’s never a perfect time. If you want kids and a business, you'll find a way to make it work," Dr. Chriska advises.

Indeed, Dr. Chriska's journey is a powerful reminder that with determination, the right support, and a strategic approach, it is possible to create a fulfilling life that encompasses both personal and professional aspirations. Her story serves as an inspiration and a guide for others contemplating a similar journey.

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