Laifen Introduces Swift SE High-Speed Hair Dryer for Hair Care

Laifen launches Swift SE, a game-changing high-speed hair dryer offering fast, safe, and frizz-free hair drying with advanced technology and user-friendly design.

Laifen is pleased to announce the launch of the Swift SE High-Speed Hair Dryer, a pioneering innovation poised to redefine the hair drying experience. The emphasis is on speed, style, and hair protection. This remarkable hair dryer contends to set a novel standard in hair care, surging ahead of traditional dryers in terms of speed.

Central to this innovative hair dryer is Laifen's exclusive 105,000 rpm brushless motor, meticulously engineered with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fan blades, machined with precision down to 0.001mm. This meticulous engineering yields unparalleled speed and performance, enabling hair drying at a pace 5 times faster than conventional dryers.

Key Specifications:

  • Product: High-Speed Hair Dryer: Swift SE by Laifen

  • Rated Power: 1400W

  • Rated Voltage: 120V (not dual voltage)

  • Unit Dimensions: 2777089mm

  • Net Weight: 407g/0.89lb/14.35oz (w/o cord)

  • Wire Length: 1.8m/5.9ft

  • Controls: On/Off, Speed grades 1, 2; Temperature hot/warm/cold; Long press for auto-cycling

Understanding the significance of hair protection alongside quick drying, Laifen introduces the Temperature Cycling Mode. This innovative feature, activated by a long-press of the second button, allows the Swift SE to cycle automatically between warm and cool air, ensuring rapid drying while maintaining hair safety and health.

An intuitive design is a notable aspect of the Swift SE, eliminating guesswork in temperature settings with a 3-Color LED display indicating the ongoing temperature setting. This feature enhances user-friendliness, distinguishing Laifen in the market.

Furthermore, an intelligent thermo sensor integrated into the Swift SE, powered by a microprocessor intelligent chip, monitors air temperature at the outlet 100 times per second to ensure a stable air temperature, reducing the risk of heat damage.

The design of the Swift SE also prioritizes tranquility, emitting a mere 59 decibels of noise at full power, thus amalgamating power with serenity for an enjoyable hair drying experience.

An additional standout feature is the negative-ion technology of the Swift SE, which significantly contributes to smoother, silkier, and frizz-free hair. The integrated billion-level negative ion generator combats static electricity generated during the blow-drying process, ensuring shiny, smooth hair post-use.

The Swift SE High-Speed Hair Dryer by Laifen, with its over 10-years lifespan, intelligent features, and superior speed, indeed marks a significant stride in hair care technology. Embrace the future of hair drying – fast, safe, and beautifully styled with the Swift SE, making every day a great hair day with Laifen.

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