The B Twins to Direct ‘Judy The Miracle Christmas Baby’ Filming to Begin Early 2024

Michael Charest writer/executive producer

Judy The Miracle Christmas Baby casting starts soon

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Filmmaker twins Johnny Reeves (Child Of Love, Red Forrest) and Weiss Night (Great White Throne Judgment, Consider The Lilies) dubbed (The B Twins) is set to direct and DP the next feature film titled ‘Judy The Miracle Christmas Baby’. Filming is set to start as early as Dec and move into 2024.

The film is based on the true life story of Judy Charest as told by her husband Michael Charest. Christmas Eve 1956 Judy then a 3 month baby survived the 60 foot fall from the Shelby Bridge in to the grueling waters of the Cumberland River. In the ice cold waters the baby bobbed in the water until the bravery of a few men from the Nashville Bridge Company who jumped in the water saving the baby and her mother. This truly unbelievable story was documented on the papers that day and in 2015 a release of the paper with the hero award issued to for Jack Knox and Harold Hogue for their bravery.

As Judy grew up her love of music brought her to know many famous people through the years. Names such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Ray Charles, Buford Pusser, and Kris Kristofferson to name a few and making their way into the film’s script. Her love of music and Christmas will be told in the script written by Johnny Reeves told through her husband Michael Charest. Michael Charest “I’m doing this great true life story about the love of my life Judy and she always wanted to tell her Miracle to the world. A dream she never lived to fulfill so now I can make that a reality and be her hero one more time”.

One twist as Johnny states “We put a faith based spin on a wonderful story. What you might ask? Well the filmmakers are keeping tight lips on script wanting people who watch it for the first time to see the magic told from ties in from an iconic Christmas film in the past.

Casting for the film has started it's safe to say wells see some cast coming in from their past few adventures. Johnny “As a filmmaker we work with so many talented actors but I personally love to put the Adam Sandlers approach being to put people you already love to work with and add new names to the mix”. So it's safe to say that we'll see some talent from past working relationships.

The B Twins Johnny and Weiss who are real identical twins but go by stage names hence the Johnny Reeves and Weiss Night. Weiss “We took on stage names from our past band days since we was working on production jobs then and got credited they just stuck.” The two will be working side by side directing and working the cameras. Weiss “We have a crew that we work with regularly our main camera is James Falcon, who is a Director Of Photography himself so its kind of like having 3 DP’s on set me Johnny and James we get a lot done and work great together. Johnny “We work on very tight low budgets so every minute counts sometimes we get only 10 days to make a feature so we hand built a crew that works very effectively. It’s kind of like a well made clock we all lock into sync and everything flows”.

Producing the film will be Bright Morning Star and Production will be by Paradestormer Productions, Silver Screen Indie and Michael Charest Films. Producers will be Jack Hager (Great White Throne Judgment, Child Of Love), Joan Uselman (Sherwood, Child Of Love), Nick Monroe (Making It In Music City, Domme), Michael Giancana (Child Of Love, Great White Throne Judgement) and Michael Charest (Great White Throne Judgment).

The film will take place in locations all around Nashville and the surrounding areas. The produces will be working with the TN Film Commission for locations and permits.

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