"A Green Landmark" and Mega Project of Energy China: Kenya Thwake Dam Project

Addressing water and electricity shortages - Thwake Dam: A symbol of China-Kenya collaboration.

The Thwake Dam Project, constructed by China Energy International Engineering Co., Ltd. (Energy China), is the pioneer project of China-Kenya joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the flagship project of the Kenya government’s Vision 2030 and the Big Four Agenda.

In a recent open day event, more than 100 pupils visited the construction site to “read” the birth story of this mega project. The dam has a total height of 78.5 meters and a length of 1.5 kilometers. The total filling volume is approximately 12 million cubic meters, equivalent to 12 “Water Cubes”. It is the largest water development program under construction in Kenya. After completion, it will store 688 million cubic meters of water to help ease the shortage of water and electricity for more than three million people around. The dam will bring huge economic benefits through boosting water supply, power supply, and agricultural irrigation in southeastern Kenya.

Alice Wahome, Minister of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation of Kenya affirmed the construction progress and said that Energy China has gained visibility in Kenya for its exceptional performance in the project; and the president of Kenya, William Ruto, has also paid close attention to the Thwake Dam, looking forward to the early completion of the project.

The Thwake Dam not only provides clean water for the surrounding community along the Athi River but also builds friendship between the people of the two countries. At the open day event, engineers introduced the design and construction plan of the dam and demonstrated the cutting-edge technologies and equipment for its safety monitoring. Jane, a grade two student, said, "I never thought before that constructing a dam was so complicated, but also so much fun! I want to be an engineer in the future and contribute to building more magnificent projects like this."

A resident called Rebecca said, "The project supplies clean and safe drinking water, promotes irrigated agriculture, and improves food security. The stable electricity supply and new roads, schools, and hospitals will also bring good changes for everyone here."

The project has played an active role in driving economic development in the community. The dam's construction has brought more than 2,000 jobs. The skills and technology that are benefiting local employees will also serve Kenya in similar undertakings in the future. Energy China has also extended the hand of corporate social responsibility to the host community, drilling wells, upgrading roads, and building schools and hospitals. It won the Best Social Responsibility Contribution Award jointly offered by the Chinese Embassy in Kenya and the Kenya-China Economic and Trade Association.

Company: China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.(ENERGY CHINA)

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