MobileAppDaily Release The Secret Ways Of Creating A Facebook Carousel Post

Facebook carousels increase the conversion rate significantly. Read on to know what it is and how to create one!

One common element tying marketers and businesses together is the art of marketing. While traditional forms of marketing are effective, with innovation introduced by social media app development services, the marketing sphere has changed.

Now, there are several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others, which are all highly effective platforms for marketing your products or services.

However, among all these platforms, Facebook carousel ads are an easy and innovative way for businesses to increase their reach and generate revenue.

Read on to learn about the Facebook carousel and how to create one.

What is Facebook Carousel?

Facebook carousel is a type of Facebook ad format where users can upload 10 photos and videos in a single ad post. It is called a carousel because it allows users to cycle and swipe through different images.

This type of carousel feature is also present in other social media platforms like Instagram.

One can post descriptions, blog links, or other URLs in Facebook carousels with each image or card. This enables businesses or marketers to tell a story and provide a detailed product/service features post, guide, and other forms of content creatively.

The following type of content is most suited for Facebook carousel posts-

  • Brands success story

  • Tips/strategies regarding the product/service marketed

  • Before and after posts

  • Customer feedback

Why Should One Use a Carousel Post?

While the Facebook carousel might seem like just another innovation by social media app development services, it is not merely that. If used correctly, these carousels can help businesses in the following ways.

1. Better Engagement

The photo and video combination of Facebook carousels enables brands to engage with their audience more innovatively and freely. They are also more appealing to a larger audience, making them a creative form of advertisement for brands.

2. They are Interactive

Just clicking one picture on the carousel to check the next one is a form of interaction that other ad formats seldom provide. Thus, brands can advertise their product/service while interacting with customers.

3. Cost-Effective

Facebook carousels enable businesses to directly reach their target audience, thus reducing the external costs of doing it. It also provides greater scope of creativity where marketers can advertise the same product/service in different types like guides, tips, strategies, etc. The same platform innovatively targeting a specific audience is cost-effective.

4. Better Explanation Process

Brands can leverage the 10-card format of the Facebook carousel to explain the use cases and processes of their products/services. For instance, a cloud-based software provider can explain how to install it in 10 simple steps. This will make the post less boring and more interactive and allow businesses to explain their process better.

5. Efficiently Highlights Product Features

In continuation with the previous point, brands can also use this format to highlight their unique USPs (unique selling points) and product features in 10 simple cards. Furthermore, they can link the ad with a blog post explaining the same process in greater detail.

1: Log in to the Facebook Account

The first step is to log in to your Facebook account. You can log in to your brand or personal account.

2: Create the Post

Start by visiting the Facebook home page, clicking the publishing tool tab, and selecting the carousel post option.

3: Select the Photos/Videos

Now, select the photos or videos you want to post as part of your marketing strategy. Try avoiding stock images and instead select original pictures for greater impact.

4: Add Relevant Headlines

Next, add headlines that best describe your pictures and are catchy.

5: Add the Necessary URL

You can add relevant blog links under each picture to take the user to the linked blog article. This added resource can help establish authority and reach a wider audience.

6: Preview of the Post

The next step is to review the cards before uploading. Check for grammatical errors in the headline, picture alignment, and other minute details.

7: Schedule or Publish the Post

The last step is to publish the post or schedule it for later publishment. The time should depend on your target audience and their preferred use time.

Additional Details of Creating a Facebook Carousel Post

  • The video file format for the cards should be MP4, MOV, or GIF.

  • The image file format should be .jpg or .png and should not exceed 30 MB.

  • A minimum of 2 cards and a maximum of 10 cards are allowed in the Facebook carousel.

Strategies to Make an Effective Carousel Ad

  • Make the first image attractive to grab the attention of the users. Make sure it is colourful, bright, and eye-catching. Also, ensure that the intent of the post is clearly defined in the first picture.

  • Try to avoid using stock photos and use an original image marketing your product/service.

  • Combine both static images and videos to create a more engaging post. You can click on the video/slideshow option while creating the carousel.

  • Using 3-6 cards instead of all 10 is also an effective strategy as it does not make the post too long and boring, nor is it too short. However, in special cases, like explaining a 10-step process or 10 features, one can consider using all 10 cards.

  • Write a short, crisp and informative headline that includes the product benefits, a CTA (call to action), and a proper description of what the visuals showcase.

Social media app development services keep adding innovative features like carousels to enable brands to reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, and encourage engagement with their audience.

Facebook carousel is one such development where businesses can reach their target audience organically. The details mentioned above can help make an impactful Facebook carousel ad that enables businesses and marketers to achieve their marketing goals effortlessly.

Follow these steps and strategies for an impactful marketing campaign.

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