Airdeed Homes Unveils A New Cabin Real Estate Study, Detailing The Current Top 20 States With The Highest Listing Prices

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Airdeed Homes latest study reveals median and average cabin prices across the US. Among the findings, cabins in Nevada boast a median price of $989,000, while those in Wyoming average $2,448,573

 Airdeed Homes, a leading platform specializing in home real estate listings, is thrilled to present its newest research study focusing on cabin prices in the United States. This comprehensive study delves into the diverse market of cabins for sale, offering insights into median and average prices in various states.

Cabin Prices Across the United States

Airdeed Cabins has meticulously compiled data on median and average cabin prices in several states, providing valuable information for those seeking the perfect cabin retreat. The data, current as of October 31, 2023, highlights the median and average prices in various states:

  • Nevada (NV): Median Price - $989,000.00, Average Price - $3,530,516.64
  • Wyoming (WY): Median Price - $800,000.00, Average Price - $2,448,573.37
  • Montana (MT): Median Price - $1,085,000.00, Average Price - $2,058,167.99
  • Idaho (ID): Median Price - $842,000.00, Average Price - $1,674,877.53
  • Massachusetts (MA): Median Price - $749,000.00, Average Price - $1,385,400.00
  • Colorado (CO): Median Price - $649,000.00, Average Price - $1,284,338.48
  • Texas (TX): Median Price - $555,000.00, Average Price - $1,250,647.31
  • Hawaii (HI): Median Price - $425,000.00, Average Price - $1,103,593.33
  • Utah (UT): Median Price - $649,999.00, Average Price - $1,101,657.93
  • Indiana (IN): Median Price - $470,000.00, Average Price - $1,049,463.84
  • South Dakota (SD): Median Price - $949,000.00, Average Price - $1,028,336.10
  • Florida (FL): Median Price - $530,000.00, Average Price - $1,007,874.03
  • Oregon (OR): Median Price - $589,000.00, Average Price - $950,663.36
  • Connecticut (CT): Median Price - $500,000.00, Average Price - $946,357.84
  • Rhode Island (RI): Median Price - $739,000.00, Average Price - $938,737.50
  • California (CA): Median Price - $479,999.50, Average Price - $928,599.67
  • Maryland (MD): Median Price - $599,950.00, Average Price - $922,474.77
  • Tennessee (TN): Median Price - $718,000.00, Average Price - $899,017.06
  • Arizona (AZ): Median Price - $521,000.00, Average Price - $859,469.78

These figures illustrate the wide range of cabin prices across the United States, offering valuable information for cabin enthusiasts and investors looking to explore the market. The data provides a snapshot of the cabin market's vibrancy and diversity, catering to various preferences and budgets.

The study uncovers that cabins for sale in Tennessee average $899,017, offering potential buyers an enticing mix of affordability and picturesque landscapes. Meanwhile, Colorado's cabin market boasts an average price of $1,284,338, making it a more challenging destination for those seeking a reasonably priced cabin. These findings showcase the diverse range of prices when looking at cabins for sale across all states, providing ample opportunities for cabin enthusiasts and investors to explore and embrace the unique charm of cabin living. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant landscapes of Tennessee or the rugged beauty of Colorado, Airdeed Cabins is your trusted partner in finding the perfect cabin getaway.

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