Defuse Launches Innovative De-Escalation Training Solutions for Diverse Industries

Defuse, a de-escalation training company founded by Pollack Peacebuilding, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative de-escalation training solutions.

Phoenix, AZ - Defuse, a de-escalation training company founded by its parent company in conflict resolution, Pollack Peacebuilding, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative de-escalation training solutions for a wide array of industries. Created to fill a void discovered during the Covid-19 pandemic, Defuse focuses on de-escalation training for customer service agents, school staff, event staff, residential property managers, and more.

The goal of de-escalation training solutions is to help organizations improve interactions with clients, customers, and the general public. Helping companies upgrade their training allows them to maintain and enhance their respective public relations while reducing the many legal and financial risks associated with escalated interactions.

In today’s world, de-escalation training is essential for organizations in every industry regardless of size. These solutions are intended to mitigate risk while improving relationships between coworkers and customers. The psychological components involved in tense situations are something that every representative who faces the public or customers must understand to defuse them successfully.

Hailing from the Pollack Peacebuilding umbrella, trainers from Defuse are peacebuilders who are trained to specifically address de-escalation techniques with customizable strategies tailored to every organization and the unique challenges faced by each. Training is offered in both in-person and virtual formats led by expert instructors who have the capability to work in over 60 industries. Defuse primarily focuses on the industries of customer service, government, healthcare, education, security, and real estate property management, though it is capable of creating customized solutions for any company.

Topics range from self-regulation and emotional self-management; de-escalation psychology; de-escalation sequences for helping others calm nervous system responses; conflict resolution strategies; and pre-escalation strategic planning to help reduce the risk of escalated conflicts. Pricing structures will vary based on the needs of an organization, the length of training, the number of workshops needed, participants, and cohorts.

Defuse has helped bring de-escalation training to many entities. Among the most notable clients that have trained with Defuse are Robinhood, Aveda Institutes, U.S. Congress, Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling, and the Denver Public Library.

As tensions rise, de-escalation training can be beneficial in any setting and industry. It is better to mitigate tensions before they become serious altercations. Any organization that would like to engage with de-escalation strategies and solutions is encouraged to schedule a free consultation with Defuse to get started.

About Defuse

Defuse was founded by Dr. Jeremy Pollack of Pollack Peacebuilding in 2020. It is a de-escalation training company that provides solutions for an array of organizations. With over three decades of combined experience in training companies around the country and all over the world, Defuse has become the largest conflict resolution and de-escalation training firm in North America. Defuse’s trainers are working professionals who use their experience to educate workplaces on conflict management and customer de-escalation counseling. These strategies that employ real-world experience provide organizations with thorough training to keep control of any situation.

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