Meet the artist Maurizio D'Andrea: Unveiling the universal unconscious through art

Maurizio D'Andrea: Artist delving into the universal unconscious through abstract expression.

Maurizio D'Andrea is not just an artist; he is a seeker of the deep and an explorer of the human psyche.

D'Andrea's artistic journey explores the hidden corners of the mind, finding inspiration in the works of pioneers Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. These visionaries illuminated the concept of the unconscious, a realm made up of layers of shared human thoughts, desires and experiences, manifested through symbols, myths and images.

Born at the foot of Vesuvius in Naples, Italy, the majestic volcano and the sea have been endless sources of inspiration. His training in volcanology has profoundly influenced his career.

Abstraction as a Tool for Transformation

Pure abstraction seeks to distil the core of an object or idea, stripping away the direct representation of reality. It is through this abstraction that the artist strives to overcome the superficial and dive into the unconscious, where universal archetypes are discovered. These archetypes emerge in his works as forms and symbols, forging a visual language that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers. His work "Meraviglia" is proof of this.

An Artistic Tapestry of Influences

Influences play a significant role in shaping an artist's creative journey, and for D'Andrea, the American Abstract Expressionist movement, particularly the New York School, has left an indelible mark. Artists such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell have guided his exploration of spontaneity, emotional expression through colour and the conveyance of deep meaning through paintings. Influences that can be seen in the canvas “Passione eterna mia”.

The Artistic Process

His process is profoundly gestural, characterised by spontaneous movements that express his emotions and connection to the work. If a piece fails to resonate with his unconscious or evoke significant emotions, he doesn't hesitate in modifying or even destroying it, embracing the impermanence of artistic creation.

The Radical Introversico Artistic Movеmеnt

Maurizio D'Andrea founded "Radical Introversico Artistic Movеmеnt". This movement advocates the purity of interiority in art, encouraging collaboration, experimentation and the liberation of creative expression from commercial constraints. It aims to engage viewers in a visceral, one-to-one relationship with art, where the artist, the work and the viewer engage in a profound dialogue.

Beyond Traditional Painting: The Digital Field

D'Andrea's journey moves forward in the exploration of digital art. His works explore internal vortexes, mental projections and geometric spatialities. Through his software "Artetc" he creates spatial fusions and superimpositions of shapes, lines and arcs, unlocking new dimensions of artistic expression.

A Global Vision

Maurizio D'Andrea's ultimate career goals as an international abstract artist are multifaceted. His goal is to share his art with a global audience, allowing people from diverse cultures to connect with his work and find personal meaning in it. He wants to convey the "language of the unconscious" and demonstrate that abstract art can transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, touching the chords of humanity that bind us all together.

In short, Maurizio D'Andrea's art is a visual exploration of the unconscious, a bridge to universal archetypes and an invitation for viewers to begin a transformative journey through the depths of the human psyche. His work is a testament to the power of art to connect us all, transcending borders and illuminating the universal human experience.

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