Printseekers Unveils Enhanced E-Commerce Integration for Print on Demand Services

Printseekers Unveils Enhanced E-Commerce Integration for Print on Demand Services

Printseekers, a global print on demand supplier, is set to revolutionize the e-commerce experience with its upcoming app designed for seamless integration with Shopify and Etsy stores. Anticipated to launch at the end of 2023, the application promises to streamline order processing for online store owners, significantly reducing the time and effort invested in managing each order.

The streamlined process begins with the store owner accessing Printseekers' fulfillment system to view recent orders from their Shopify or Etsy storefronts. After making necessary adjustments and adding a design image to the selected item, the owner or manager can effortlessly choose which orders to dispatch to Printseekers for fulfillment.

Distinguishing itself from similar apps in the market, Printseekers' integration offers more efficient functionality. The app includes an option for the system to recognize repeat orders, with user permission, automating the fulfillment process and eliminating the need for manual order processing.

"This app marks a significant stride towards making print on demand dropshipping even more seamless," notes Andris Grinbergs, owner of "In the print on demand industry, outsourcing routine tasks frees up time for businesses to focus on growth and profitability. That's the experience we aim to provide for all our clients."

Key Features:

  • Streamlined order processing for Shopify and Etsy stores
  • Recognition of repeat orders for automated fulfillment
  • User-friendly interface for efficient management

To access the app, visit the Shopify App Store, where it will be available for public download at the end of 2023. For inquiries during the process, clients can contact the Printseekers account manager directly at [email protected] and expect a response within 24 hours.

About Printseekers

Printseekers is a rapidly growing print on demand supplier committed to bringing innovation to the print on demand market. The team comprises experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in the print on demand industry, delivering services with care and expertise while maintaining the fresh perspective of a startup.

About Print on Demand Dropshipping Business

Print on demand dropshipping is an increasingly popular online business model that enables businesses to offer unique printed products without holding physical inventory. When an order is received, the business forwards it to the print on demand supplier, who fulfills and ships the order on behalf of the business, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.


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Sales Team Manager at Printseekers

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