Dr. Karina Acuña & Dr. Gilberto Tostado: Redefining Dentistry with a Personal Touch

Dr Karina Acuña & Dr Gilberto Tostado speak on how they add a personal touch to their dental patients.

Dr. Karina Acuña & Dr. Gilberto Tostado

In a quaint dental clinic in San Antonio, Texas, the commitment to professionalism and patient care is evident. This isn't just any practice; it's the culmination of the dreams and passions of the married duo, Dr. Karina Acuña and Dr. Gilberto Tostado.

“I'm passionate about yoga, baking, and most importantly, the great outdoors. We both love exploring nature,” Dr Acuña shared. “From F1 racing tracks to small-town coffee shops, our shared adventures outside the clinic are endless.”

Their approach to dentistry is deeply rooted in their personal life's discipline and organization.

“Both of us are perfectionists, and while it comes with its challenges, it ensures that our clinic operates with precision. We’re always on the same page, which I believe is crucial in any partnership, professional or otherwise," Dr. Acuña said.

Their clinic showcases a blend of modern techniques with a touch of tradition.

“While the world has gone digital, we still find solace in old-school calendars," Dr. Acuña laughed. "They're everywhere in our clinic, ensuring we stay grounded.”

The couple places a premium on patient care, making sure that everyone feels comfortable and well taken care of.

Dr. Tostado noted, “We've built our practice on the foundation of giving each patient undivided attention. It's more than just a clinic; it's an extension of our family. And we've noticed that our patients feel that warmth."

Dr. Acuña echoed this sentiment. “I've always believed in treating patients the way I'd treat close friends. Many have become more than just patients over time. They share personal stories, life milestones, and have become part of our extended family."

Reflecting on her unique journey, Dr. Acuña recalls, "There was a pivotal moment when I had to choose between culinary school and dental school. While I chose the latter, the aroma of baking still beckons me. And whenever I get some time off, I indulge in baking my signature – zucchini banana bread.”

The legacy of the clinic, which had been run by a former dentist for 30 years, is carried forward with passion by the duo.

“Generations of patients have grown with this clinic," Dr. Tostado reflected. "Now, as they interact with two new dentists, our mission is to ensure that the cherished family vibe they’ve known continues seamlessly." To follow along their journey visit Dr Karina AcuñaDr Gilberto Tostado instagram accounts

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