Dr. Oz: "Oral Care Goes Beyond Biannual Cleanings"

Dr. Oz explains why oral care goes beyond a cleaning every 6 months.

In a world where everything demands maintenance, our oral health shouldn't be put on the back burner. Dr. Ozair Banday, fondly known as Dr. Oz, elucidates the importance of regular dental care and its broader implications for general health.

"Everything requires maintenance," Dr. Oz began. Drawing an analogy between regular house cleaning and taking care of one's body, he emphasizes the importance of routine upkeep, especially for the mouth. "Like going to the gym for the body, the mouth requires consistent attention."

The mouth, a haven for bacteria, necessitates a disciplined oral hygiene regimen. Dr. Oz points out that doing so not only ensures the longevity of teeth but also prevents avoidable major dental procedures.

Enumerating common dental problems, Dr. Oz highlighted gum disease, bleeding gums, bad breath, dental decay, fractured teeth, grinding and clenching.

He pointedly mentioned discoloration and the impact of a less-than-perfect smile on confidence, stating, "A smile is the window to the soul. It is crucial for functioning in society."

Poor oral hygiene can have more severe repercussions than just dental issues.

"Oral hygiene has been linked to systemic diseases," Dr. Oz noted.

The correlation between bacterial buildup, and risks like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes underscores the importance of oral wellness.

Dr. Oz's top tips for maintaining oral health include brushing twice daily, flossing, and having a dentist who takes the time to discuss and ensure your oral health.

Speaking on diet, he candidly shared, "I too have a sweet tooth, but I ensure a balanced diet and moderate portions."

He also warned against constant snacking due to the associated acid production, which leads to tooth disintegration.

On misconceptions, Dr. Oz addressed concerns surrounding fluoride.

"Fluoride strengthens enamel. Research has consistently shown its benefits in preventing decay. Almost every substance known to man is toxic in high enough quantities, but we have plenty of research that shows being treated with fluoride or growing up in an area where the water is fluoridated leads to less tooth decay.”

He also emphasized the importance of flossing, stating, "Not flossing means neglecting 35% of your teeth – that's a significant portion."

If you're wondering what signs might indicate a looming dental problem, Dr. Oz advised watching out for dental pain, swelling, bleeding gums, bad breath, chipped teeth, and missing teeth.

To illustrate the transformative power of consistent at-home dental care, Dr. Oz shared the story of a patient with severely deteriorated teeth.

“After a full oral rehabilitation, she became highly proactive about her oral health, routinely visiting the dentist, using a night guard, and even resorting to treatments like botox to counter her severe clenching and grinding habit,” Dr. Oz said.

In essence, Dr. Oz's insights reiterate that dental care isn't just about cleanings every six months; it's an integral part of our daily lives and overall wellness.

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