The Art and Science of Veneers: An Insight with Dr. Dickerson

Dr Dickerson explains what exactly goes into Veneers

In the realm of cosmetic dentistry, veneers have emerged as a game-changer. These thin porcelain shields, affixed to the front of teeth, hold the promise of a renewed smile. Dr. Dickerson, a dental practice owner with an affinity for changing his patients’ smiles through veneers, offers an insightful perspective on the procedure and the importance of making informed decisions.

Veneers have many benefits, both cosmetically as well as structurally, but Dr. Dickerson makes sure to level with his patients about these discomforts and risks that might be associated with them.

“Veneers are transformative. They offer the ability to straighten, reshape, and whiten teeth, as well as replace damaged tooth stru

ctures,” Dr. Dickerson said. “However, every procedure comes with its set of risks. Some patients might experience tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, or discover cavities requiring more extensive work.”

According to Dr. Dickerson, the veneer journey starts with a records appointment, where he tries to learn everything he can about a patient’s teeth as well as their eventual goals.

"I take pictures, 3D models, and discuss with patients their concerns and desires," Dr. Dickerson explained. “This is followed by a 'smile try-in' - a phase where patients preview the proposed tooth shape. If they approve, we prep the teeth by removing a slight amount of tooth surface, making space for the porcelain. They then wear temporary veneers, mimicking the approved design, for about three weeks."

During this period, the lab crafts the permanent veneers.

“I always ensure the permanent veneers replicate the temporary ones, ensuring patient satisfaction. Once confirmed, we cement the veneers in place," Dr. Dickerson added.

He also mentioned that there are several ways that patients can prepare, both physically and mentally, for the procedure.

"Relaxation is key. We ensure utmost comfort, even offering prescriptions for enhanced relaxation if required," Dr. Dickerson said.

He also emphasized the importance of maintaining gum health, advocating for regular flossing and brushing.

Post-veneer application, a recovery period of one to two weeks allows the gums to heal fully.

"Any sensitivity experienced should diminish, not escalate," Dr. Dickerson advised.

He also outlined potential candidates for veneers: those with discolored or broken teeth, those desiring straightened teeth without orthodontics, or individuals with gummy smiles.

“The veneer procedure is particularly advantageous for those with congenitally smaller front teeth,” he added, citing a success story of a young woman who dramatically boosted her confidence with just two veneers.

Another reason why Dr. Dickerson loves using veneers is that they are patient-friendly. When compared to crowns, for instance, veneers are less invasive.

"We only remove a small amount of tooth structure from the front for veneers, while crowns are more aggressive,” Dr. Dickerson highlighted. “Porcelain veneers also surpass composite fillings in strength and stain-resistance.”

A common myth about the veneer procedure, according to Dr. Dickerson, is the level of pain experienced.

"Patients are numbed effectively, ensuring a painless experience," he clarified.

Another important responsibility of the patient is identifying the right dentist to do the procedure, as the outcome of veneers doesn't just depend on the dentist's expertise but also their choice of lab.

"Working with a high-end lab, like I do, is crucial. Even if the teeth are prepared impeccably, a subpar lab can compromise the end result," Dr. Dickerson note


For those pondering veneers, Dr. Dickerson offers virtual consultations.

“Patients can send me pictures, and I guide them on possibilities and expectations,” he said. [add links here maybe?]

Dr. Dickerson's approach demystifies the veneer procedure, combining expertise with patient-focused care. His emphasis on tailored solutions underscores the blend of art and science that defines modern cosmetic dentistry. Click To follow his journey on Instagram

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