Chois, The New Investing App, Has Launched Its Waitlist

Chois, The New Investing App, Has Launched Its Waitlist

Chois, the soon-to-launch investment app in Australia, has launched its official waitlist app. It allows users to secure early access to its innovative features and educational resources for novice investors.

Chois is an innovative investment app that aims to provide a seamless investment experience to all individuals, including novice investors. But there’s more to Chois than that.

Chois is not just an investment app – it's a revolution in approaching financial growth. Designed for both beginners and seasoned investors, here's what sets Chois apart:

  • Diverse investment options:
    Users can access over 300 stocks and ETFs on NYSE and NASDAQ, with plans to introduce more investment instruments on these exchanges soon.

  • Unlocking the money:
    Chois allows users to dive into the world of investing while using invested money for daily purchases (coming soon after the initial launch of the Chois investing app).

  • Learn by doing:
    Investment basics are presented and explained in a novice-friendly format for those who are just starting, as well as constant support with in-app education.

  • Empowering insights:

Chois provides real-time market monitoring, industry news, and a wealth of investment education because, at Chois, they believe: knowledge is power.

How is Chois different from others?

Access to financial services and understanding how they work is vital in today's world. Lack of financial literacy is what makes people less included in the financial system.

Chois is committed to addressing this issue through education.

When people don't grasp the basics of financial markets and lack access to banking and other services, it can have a negative impact on their quality of life, well-being, and the overall economy.

Financial literacy opens up new opportunities for individuals and their nations. Chois’ team is dedicated to offering this opportunity to as many people as possible.

Revolutionizing personal finance

Chois’s mission is to empower individuals to seize control of their financial destinies.

Chois app adopts a user-friendly approach. It's tailored to users’ preferences, ensuring a straightforward and enjoyable investing experience with quick and reliable support.

Revolutionizing the way people perceive personal finance is what Chois is all about.

But the first step to achieving the goal is the Chois waitlist app.

What's the Chois waitlist app about?

It's a place where users can get entertained while awaiting the release of the full-fledged financial service. It can be used to prepare and acquire the skills and knowledge needed to start investing.

Here's what the Chois waitlist app offers:

  • a free educational course for novice investors

  • a test to check your readiness to start investing

  • the option to invite friends to the app and build a community of new-generation investors

  • easy tasks to climb to the top

So, how can you participate?

You can join the Chois waitlist app in two ways:

  • Download it
    Google Play:

App Store:

  • Use a referral link from a friend

The power of Chois is in your hands

Chois puts the power of investment in your hands. The goal is to make finance accessible to all, allowing anyone to invest any amount in what they believe in.

Safety is the top priority for Chois. They offer tools and features to help make informed decisions. Plus, versatile withdrawal options let users access funds without selling stocks, keeping your long-term investments secure while meeting urgent needs.

About Chois

Chois is a gateway to over 300 securities on NASDAQ and NYSE, real-time market monitoring, asset statistics tracking, and industry news. With Chois, you'll learn to invest and enjoy constant access to your invested money, all without selling your assets.

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