BOLT e-Boiler Poised to Revolutionize Home Heating with Its Upcoming Kickstarter Launch

BOLT launches on Kickstarter, offering an innovative, eco-friendly e-boiler that combines solar and grid power for cost-effective, sustainable home heating.

BOLT, the next-generation battery-ready e-boiler, announced its much-awaited Kickstarter launch. Designed to be a game-changer in home heating, BOLT seamlessly integrates grid and solar power, offering a sustainable solution for hot water and heating that's both smart and eco-friendly.

Homeowners have long been at a crossroads, choosing between heating systems that weigh heavily on the environment or their household budget. BOLT e-boiler emerges as the innovative disruptor in this landscape, presenting an e-boiler that harmonizes eco-friendliness with economic sensibility. It’s a groundbreaking leap towards a future where superior home comfort aligns seamlessly with the stewardship of our planet, and keeping costs down doesn’t mean compromising on our values.

Key Features:

Eco-Friendly Design: A harmonious blend of grid and solar power ensures a sustainable approach to heating.

AI-Powered Efficiency: Intelligent algorithms learn household patterns to deliver efficient heating and hot water when you need it.

Space-Saving & Powerful: Its compact design belies its power, ensuring a consistent flow of hot water, come rain or shine.

COOL RUN Technology: Featuring a patented heat exchanger with a solid-state diverter valve, it ensures optimal heating supply.

With only 300 Kickstarter units available for early backers, BOLT promises to be the most coveted home gadget this season.

"BOLT is our answer to the future of home heating. It's not just a product but a commitment to blending technology and environmental consciousness," stated Jaskiran Nagi, founder of BOLT.

The Kickstarter campaign will give potential backers an in-depth look into what makes BOLT stand out in a crowded market, detailing its pioneering design, unique features, and the passion that drives its creation.

To learn more about us or to become a part of this heating revolution, visit Introducing BOLT e-Boiler: Revolutionize Home Heating on Kickstarter.

About BOLT:

British R&D is a pioneering enterprise at the forefront of home heating and energy solutions, driven by a vision of integrating cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices. The flagship BOLT e-boiler is a testament to British R&D's commitment to delivering innovative, efficient, and environmentally responsible products that cater to the needs of a modern, eco-conscious household.


Contact Person: Jaskiran Nagi

Company Name: British R&D

Email: [email protected]


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