Makaan Solutions Revolution: Transforming Real Estate

Makaan Solutions is a leading real estate agency in Pakistan aiming to transform the industry with a data-driven approach and expert team.

Makaan Solutions is a real estate agency in Pakistan that simplifies real estate investment for the ordinary person. Transforming an industry requires vision, and the team behind Makaan Solutions leads with aspirations & clear-cut objectives.

The main objective behind this agency is to facilitate end-users by connecting them with flagship projects of real estate in Pakistan.

Moreover, this agency is adamant about putting forward the best projects only. Capital Smart City is the first smart city in Pakistan to be marketed by Makaan Solutions. This smart city is setting a new trend as it aims to become one of the best smart cities in Asia.

History of Makaan Solutions

Makaan Solutions was founded in 2016 by Rizwan Cheema. This venture started as a real estate marketing agency dealing with one client at a time. The condition of Pakistan's real estate sector in 2016 was not favorable for new investors, resulting in significant losses. Therefore, Makaan Solutions partnered with real estate projects with visionary developers.

The agency has more than 78+ team members. It started with only one. In addition, the team has served 4,652+ clients since 2016.

The journey of Makaan Solutions from 2016 up till now, November 2023, is marked by accolades that make it unique in the industry. These accolades include winning more than 12 awards in these years.

Role of Makaan Solutions in Pakistan Real Estate

The real estate industry of Pakistan is growing at a rapid pace. However, it needs more transparent market leaders. Thus, there is an imminent need for an agency built on the principles of transparency & innovation, such as Makaan Solutions.

Makaan Solutions Advocates Smart Living in Pakistan

The future demands smart living, and every project that needs modern facilities must pass the test of time. Therefore, Makaan Solutions seconds only those projects that combine quality & innovation.

Lahore Smart City is the second smart city in Pakistan and Makaan Solutions endorses it due to its quality infrastructure & innovation.

Both projects, Capital Smart City & Lahore Smart City are being developed by the same developers, Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL) & Future Development Holdings Limited (FDHL). The main designer for these projects is Surbana Jurong.

Makaan Solutions Prioritizes Quality

Major residential & commercial projects in Pakistan stem from profit-centric thought, often compromising on the quality of infrastructure. Hence, educating real estate buyers is quite requisite in this industry. It is where Makaan Solutions shines by putting quality over everything else.

The team in this company scrutinizes each real estate project thoroughly based on strict criteria.

Key Challenges Facing Pakistan's Real Estate

Pakistan's real estate faces challenges that any industry would face in its infancy. This industry needs to be more well-established, resulting in poor-quality projects.

Here are some significant challenges currently facing Pakistan's real estate. These include:

Regulations Lacking Implementation

The development authorities in Pakistan have set regulations for commercial and residential properties. However, the need for more implementation of such rules is the foremost hurdle.

Most developers cut corners when establishing new projects in the city. To make matters even worse, real estate marketing agencies keep the customers from getting to know about these issues.

Therefore, most buyers end up compromising and regretting their decision. Makaan Solutions ensures each client gets to know the pros & cons of a project before investing.

Buyer/Investor Awareness Gap

The lack of awareness about the real estate industry among buyers/investors is also a significant problem. Why this problem exists? Not many educated real estate consultants can articulate the nitty-gritty of each project simply for people.

This crucial problem causes people to miss out on golden opportunities. Therefore, Makaan Solutions' CEO, Rizwan Cheema, regularly updates investors regarding new projects and opportunities.

Inexperienced Urban Planners

The urban planners in Pakistan lack experience, even after graduating from renowned universities. Their inexperience results in ill-planned infrastructure.

A good amount of real estate projects in Pakistan, specifically commercial, need urban planners.

Makaan Solutions & Latest Trends in Pakistani Real Estate

The real estate sector in Pakistan is changing for good. To fuel this change, Makaan Solutions is constantly working towards the transformation of the industry by keeping up with new market trends.

Here are some of the latest trends and details of how Makaan Solutions addresses them:

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

The concept of REITs is entirely novel in Pakistan. There are only two significant REITs in Pakistan currently. However, there is a growing demand for REITs among veteran real estate investors in the country.

Makaan Solutions pushes REITs for the common investor who needs to realize its potential. REITs enable new investors to minimize their risk by investing in multiple projects.

Moreover, such investment can be easier to handle than maintaining a physical property, be it residential or commercial.

Surge in Commercial Real Estate Projects

There is a surge in commercial real estate projects in Pakistan. Most commercial projects offer great Return on Investment (ROI). Thus, real estate developers are investing more in such projects than ever.

This new trend is also resulting in the improvement of the infrastructure of the country. Authorities favor developers for changing the landscape of the cities for good.

Investment in Gated Communities

There is a demand for gated communities in Pakistan for the sake of security. The open neighborhoods are not considered secure. Therefore, most people are moving to gated communities for the safety of their loved ones.

The positive thing is that Makaan Solutions is marketing such projects so ordinary people can learn about them. This latest trend is going to last for a long time.

Demand for Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use developments mean a combination of residential & commercial sectors in one place. Capital Smart City & Lahore Smart City are the two best examples of mixed-use developments. There are going to be more projects like these.

Makaan Solution is the official marketing partner of both of these smart cities. Therefore, Makaan Solution is keeping up well with this latest trend.

However, Makaan Solutions handles not only these two projects but many other projects of this sort.


This comprehensive analysis warrants Makaan Solutions' status as Pakistan's leading real estate agency. The team behind this real estate agency is experienced and handles each client professionally. Moreover, each project marketed by this agency goes through strict scrutiny before being communicated to the end-user.

Makaan Solutions is up to date with the latest trends in the market. Hence, Makaan Solutions is genuinely transforming the real estate sector by providing solutions instead of just addressing the issues.

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