IMIO Partnered With G–W Studios To Grow Sustainable Agriculture With Design, Cultivating a 351% Revenue Lift

Design work is a key accelerator for success, yet it comes at an unobtainable price point for early-stage companies like IMIO. G–W Studios transforms this industry norm with Design For Scale services.

Global design studio G–W Studios has championed one of the industry’s first startup-friendly methods for creating high-quality brand and product design systems at the speed that early stage companies need. The studio was founded by operators and entrepreneurs who launched their ventures and helped design for some of the world’s most successful organizations such as BBH, Google, Airbnb, and Spotify. G–W Studios has transformed the trajectory of dozens of early-stage companies since its founding in 2019. One of the studio’s most exciting accomplishments was its ongoing partnership with IMIO, a Vermont-based sustainable agriculture biotech on a mission to eliminate toxic agricultural chemicals from our farms and gardens.

IMIO’s bio-based products amplify natural biological processes to outperform leading chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones. Agricultural chemicals rob soils of life and decimate ecosystems. They cause $157B in human health and environmental damage each year in the US alone. But for many growers, chemicals have become a necessary evil: the only option for consistent growth. IMIO has proven that these products aren’t the only choice for feeding the planet.

The company’s products allow farmers to grow healthier, more productive crops without relying on agricultural chemicals. It took IMIO years of research and development, governmental funding, and university studies to translate this idea into a product. G–W Studios’ support was indispensable for IMIO’s founders, as their creative offerings enabled the product to reach farms and gardens everywhere.

"G–W’s brand and website work is tremendously accelerating our company’s growth. Since launching the IMIO brand, we’ve increased monthly bookings by 351%, and formed vital distribution partnerships. The talent at G-W is obvious to anyone who sees their work, but their commitment to truly understanding our company, customers, and vision drives exceptional results. I’m deeply grateful to G–W for the growth and impact they’re helping us to achieve,” says Charles Smith, Founder & CEO.

IMIO product: Re-Gen & Root

Armed with captivating brand and digital design, IMIO’s partnership with G–W continues to fuel its ability to improve outcomes for people, plants, and our planet. What is it exactly that G–W possesses when it comes to achieving design goals for fast-growing companies?

G–W thrives with early-stage companies because each team member has also been in that realm. The studio’s team defines themselves as creatives with an inventive, practical, approach to design. Their inherent desire to create beautiful branding is equally supported by their excitement to ‘move at the speed of light’ with fast-growing companies. Not all designers enjoy the unpredictable hustle of startup culture, but G–W thrives on it. They have empathy for early-stage founders, and they created the studio to address the distinct needs of this group.

G–W works with companies across pre-seed to early-stage and pre-IPO, but has a passion for working with mission-driven companies and believes that their best work is often done on such projects. The team knows exactly how to provide a startup with just the right amount of design structure and flexibility for a growing company.

In IMIO’s case, the studio delivered a bold new brand identity, updated website and packaging, and a go-to-market strategy, all of which were the catalyst for attracting partnerships, accelerating time to market, and boosting investment. This essential body of work was completed during a lean 12-week brand and design sprint that was hyper-focused on addressing IMIO’s core business needs.

As the next generation of early-stage companies comes to market and new technologies such as AI, ML, synthetic biology continue to disrupt, G-W is confident that its Design for Scale process will continue to serve the needs of these businesses who require design to innovate, differentiate, and accelerate their progress.

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