"Kapow Queen" Liz Benny Releases new KASH is Queen Challenge

Respected entrepreneur and mentor to influencers releases new program to help students learn to identify passions and find paths to sustainable success.

“KAPOW Queen” Liz Benny, renowned for her exceptional ability to turn people’s passion into their career, is proud to announce the “KASH is Queen Challenge.” Liz, an iconic and influential entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and mentor to both budding and established business owners, applies her “KAPOW” factor to help others realize and unleash their potential in this exciting challenge.

The “KASH is Queen” Challenge is an unprecedented opportunity where participants embark on an enriching journey to create profits from their passions, paying credence to Liz’s philosophy that “your passion can indeed be your pay check.” The challenge embraces a hands-on approach, providing individuals with uniquely tailored guidance, dynamic strategies, and actionable tactics to catalyze their success.

“I’ve always believed that we can change the world by igniting the spark in individuals, and practicing positivity is the key. With the ‘KASH is Queen’ challenge, I’m excited to help participants harness their innate abilities, operating in high-vibration positivity and creating profitable ventures from what they love doing most,” said Liz Benny.

The success of the “KAPOW Queen’s” methods shines through in her numerous success stories, including testimonials from Russell Brunson, Garrett J White, Mike Shreeve, Jeff J Hunter, Lindsay Mustain, Lauren Golden, and more. A multitude of Benny’s students from various walks of life have harnessed Liz’s teachings to help transform their passions into profitable ventures and upscale their life quality and fulfillment.

Benny’s event is more than just a challenge — it’s an invitation to experience the power of transforming passions into sustainable, enjoyable careers, a chance to be part of an empowering community, and an opportunity to learn from the “KAPOW Queen” herself.

Those ready to transform and be part of the “KASH is Queen” challenge can learn more or sign up at www.KashIsQueenChallenge.com.


Liz Benny is a world renowned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business mentor. Respected as the “KAPOW Queen,” she dedicates herself to empowering others to realize their potential and transform their passions into a stable, scalable, enjoyable lifestyle.

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