Canada’s Top Pan Am Games Athletes Shift Focus to Making Impact at Paris Olympics

Canadian competitors competed in the 16-day Pan American Games in Chile's capital, Santiago, and returned home with 164 medals on November 5th, including 46 gold.

Canadian competitors competed in the 16-day Pan American Games in Chile's capital, Santiago, and returned home with 164 medals on November 5th, including 46 gold. This is the second-best successful performance by Canada in the Pan American Games.

Let us look at Canada's top Pan Am games athletes who shifted focus to making an impact at the Paris Olympics.

Top Athletes

The Pan American Games occurred during the South American summer, specifically in October and November. Numerous Canadian summer sports athletes observe the off-season period and have dedicated several months to traveling to participate in competitive events.

Canadian athletes qualified in 12 various Olympic events both individually and as a country in different categories such as:

  • Equestrian riding

  • Competitive sailing

  • Target shooting

Thanks to the Pan American Games, the contestants who have already qualified for the Paris Olympic Games intend to take full advantage of their golden ticket. The top Canadian athletes who qualified are:

  • Sanoa Dempfle-Olin, a surfer hailing from Tofino, British Columbia: Canada's inaugural participation in a surfing competition is scheduled for 2024, owing to the commendable performance of Samoa in the 2023 Pan American Games. Sanoa obtained a provisional qualifying by advancing to the women's final, ultimately achieving the second-place position and earning the silver medal in the women's shortboard category.

  • Wyatt Sanford Nova Scotia: The initial contribution to Nova Scotia's collection of medals was made by Wyatt Sanford, a native of Kennetcook, who secured a gold medal in boxing. Sanford emerged victorious in his four fights within the 63.5 kg weight category.

  • Tammara Thibeault, representing Shawinigan, Quebec: Tammara successfully earned her place in both the Paris 2024 event and the title by achieving a unanimous scores decision victory against Citlalli Ortiz from Mexico in the semifinals (75-kilogram) conducted in Chile.

  • Philip Kim, popularly known as B-Boy Phil Wizard: Philip is a 26-year-old Vancouver native who won the inaugural Pan American gold medal in men's breaking. In fewer than nine months, Santiago meant a direct route to the Olympic Games for him and other Canadian competitors.

The four athletes departed Chile with highly sought-after gold tickets as cherished mementos for their journey to Paris. Their focus may now be directed toward other aspects of their preparation for the Paris Games rather than an Olympic qualification for nine months from now.

Other Winners

Several notable athletes emerged as winners in the Pan American Games. Among them were:

  • Maggie Mac Neil, an Olympic champion swimmer, achieved great recognition by securing five gold medals in a single Pan Am Games, thereby surpassing the Canadian record.

  • Ethan Katzberg, a hammer thrower, also made a significant impact by surpassing 80 meters at the Pan Ams, following his unexpected world title earlier this summer.

  • Sarah Mitton, a shot putter, demonstrated her prowess by holding both the Pan American Games and the Commonwealth titles and her silver medal from this year's world championships.

  • Pamela Ware, a diver, showcased her talent by winning gold in the 1m and 3m springboard events. She added to her impressive collection of four career world championship medals obtained earlier this summer.

Each of these competitors is expected to compete for a place on the Olympic podium in the forthcoming summer games in Paris. Unfortunately, not all teams from Canada could qualify for the Olympics. Here are examples of the groups that didn’t make the cut:

Water Polo

The Canadian women's team experienced defeat against the US team in their gold-medal Water Polo game, resulting in the US securing a spot in Paris. Similarly, the Canadian men's team lost in the semifinals, followed by another defeat in the bronze competition against Argentina.

The female athletes can secure a spot in the Olympics by participating in the World Aquatics Championships scheduled for February in Doha. However, to qualify, they must achieve a top-two ranking among teams that have not yet secured their Olympic berths. The male athletes have been disqualified from participating in the Olympic competition.

Rugby Sevens and Softball

Canada's women's and men's rugby sevens and softball squads won bronze, silver, and bronze, although neither sport was an Olympic qualifying event. The women's squad has already qualified for the Olympics in rugby sevens, but the men's team will need to win a play-in competition next year.


The field hockey world champions also qualified for the Olympics. However, neither Canadian team made it past the semifinals. The men bounced back to take bronze by beating the United States, earning them a place in a January Olympic qualification competition. The women fell short in their bronze medal match, but their fourth-place finish was good enough to move them on to the playoffs.

Final Thoughts

The Pan American Games of 2023 has varying significance for the nearly 500 Canadian athletes participating. The Canadian athletes had several objectives and aspirations while participating in Santiago, Chile. The good thing is that you can show your support virtually. Betting enthusiasts can express their support for Canadian teams by placing bets in online casinos. Check out the greatest betting recommendation websites to ensure you wager on a reputable casino. Some were there to achieve medal victories, secure qualification for the upcoming Summer Olympics, experience their inaugural participation in a multi-sport Games and compete in an environment free from restrictions.

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