Gyfted Files AI Matching Technology USPTO Patent

Gyfted Files AI Matching Technology USPTO Patent

Mountain View, CA [November 27, 2023] — Gyfted, the AI-first hiring marketplace founded at Stanford University, announces the filing of its artificial intelligence patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US PTO). The patent marks a significant milestone for the company, which has been operating as a pre-seed stage R&D unit from 2021.

Revolutionizing Recruitment Through AI-Driven Talent Matching Technology

Gyfted’s vision, “Apply once to 1,000,000 jobs and get matched where you truly fit,” benefits both job-seekers and companies by solving the screening and matching game issues in job markets. Leveraging user-centric design backed by empirically validated methods in the field of psychometrics, Gyfted's platform uses behavioral and cognitive science to mine insights on candidates' personality traits, values, competencies, and preferences, to offer a more precise matching process that helps candidates and companies save time and resources.

Gyfted focuses on cutting-edge AI-driven matching technology that rests on structured data about individuals and contextual two-sided matching based on user-generated data embedded in an ontological competencies graph. By blending these elements, the technology provides a nuanced and efficient mechanism for talent identification and seamless matching.

Gyfted's ontological competencies graph facilitates deeper insights and better matches, streamlining the recruitment process and enabling more fulfilling careers at a time when job markets and recruitment are becoming increasingly swamped with spam, exaggeration, and garbage public data from CVs and job posts. In a world where generative AI proliferates automation on both applicants' and recruiters' sides and remote work enables opportunity, the status quo will create increasingly more pain and costs in what the company refers to as the “Recruitment Bermuda Triangle” of job boards, assessment companies and agencies that candidates and recruiters find themselves stuck between. Gyfted is ideally positioned for growth, handling over 1.3 million candidate interactions annually, growing at an average of 52% per month since Q2. Candidate volume is expected to grow at over 30% M2M in the coming year for the company.

Personalized Career and Recruiter Assistance that Eliminates Bias and Saves Time

The technology extends its functionality to provide AI-driven personalized career guidance for job seekers using its Gamified Talent Assistant: a DuoLingo-like experience in job search for both passive and active job-seekers. For recruiters, the platform offers a Recruiting AI Assistant - based on the same engine - designed to understand and cater to their specific needs. Gyfted employs anonymous job-seeking to minimize bias in the hiring process and enhance user privacy. The platform saves up to 80% of the time on CV screening and drastically reduces interview numbers, offering enormous cost-saving potential for companies.

About Gyfted

Founded at Stanford University, Gyfted is a pre-seed stage AI-first hiring marketplace. Since 2021 the startup has taken on an R&D unit focused on revolutionizing the recruitment process through matching technology that simply works - unlike traditional B2B HRtech solutions. The company has secured pre-seed and non-dilutive R&D grant funding to meet this goal, marked by the filing of their patent application. As Gyfted sets its sights on reshaping the recruitment and career guidance sectors, the company plans to expand its service to cater to the Customer Success Manager vertical in the coming year, besides offering its SaaS-based marketplace solution to remote-first, mid-market and enterprise customers.

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Disclaimer: The information provided herein does not constitute a security offering or investment advice in any form. This publication is based on the results of Gyfted’s R&D project "Development and verification of an IT platform using AI models and psychometrics to automate selected elements of recruitment processes" project # POIR.01.01.01-00-2039/20, co-financed by the EU ERDF’s 1.1 POIR 2014- 2020.

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