Liquona Launches Innovative Daily Movie Game to Elevate Entertainment Experience

Liquona introduces a groundbreaking Daily Movie Game, revolutionizing entertainment with an engaging, interactive experience. Elevate your daily leisure with this unique blend of cinema and gaming

Liquona, a creative video agency headquartered in Leatherhead, Surrey, is proud to unveil a fun, new the daily movie game in time for the Christmas break.

Starting on 1st December, there will be an AI Christmas Movie Quiz offering a daily challenge format, similar to the popular game Wordle. Liquona's daily movie game provides a fusion of education and entertainment that’s suitable for the whole family, catering to film enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. With questions spanning various genres, decades, and cinematic trivia, the game ensures a diverse and engaging experience for players.

Participants are presented with a one-word description of a popular Christmas film's plot,

generated by the AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT. If a player is unable to guess the movie from ChatGPT’s one-word description, the game provides a two-word description of the same film. The game continues providing additional clues with descriptions one word longer than the last, up to the final, seven-word round. The aim is to identify the name of the film with as few clues as possible. If you can't guess the film after a seven-word description, the AI wins.

Once each game has been completed, a 'winner' or 'loser' image is presented that’s related to a scene from the film or its characters, with the pictures being generated by artificial intelligence, the AI image generator Midjourney.

As an example, for the movie Spirited, the seven clues are:

1. Redemption

2. Temporal redemption

3. Time altered redemption

4. Spiritual redemption through time

5. Ghosts bring redemption, second chances

6. Unredeemable man helps ghost with past

7. Temporal redemption alters lives, brings second chances

Movie Mania's Christmas AI Movie Quiz can be accessed here. It promises to be an exciting and fun-filled activity for families and film buffs throughout the holiday season.

About Liquona:

Liquona is a dynamic creative agency specializing in video production, digital marketing, and interactive experiences. With a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Liquona delivers innovative solutions that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

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