Web3 Consulting: A Year of Shaping Tomorrow

Sarah Ann Marchica

MHL Solutions, led by mhl.eth, is a Web3 consulting powerhouse that aims to revolutionize user experience through scalable solutions and expertise in tokenomics.

In a world of rapid change and innovation, businesses face uncharted territory. Traditional strategies won't cut it anymore. That's why there's a growing need for Web3 consulting—to navigate the blockchain landscape and thrive.

Meet MHL Solutions, a Web3 consulting powerhouse. Their mission? To revolutionize Web3 user experience through scalable solutions for clients and partners. Since their launch on December 1st, 2022, they've been shaking up the industry with their expertise in developing and auditing tokenomics – a discipline that eludes many Web3 founders and investors due to its intricate connection with blockchain technology

Unlock the secrets of tokenomics with this must-read X post: https://twitter.com/mhl_eth/status/1686070828075532296

MHL Solutions, led by Mark Mhilli (also known as mhl.eth), brings 8 years of invaluable experience as a blockchain investor and Web3 business consultant. Mark specializes in project management, strategic thinking, problem solving, and tokenomics. Mark and his company proudly embrace Peter Drucker’s Theory of Management, prioritizing people and ethics over mere profits and rigid rules.

“Consulting is more than giving advice” — Arthur N. Turner

The holistic approach offered by MHL Solution goes beyond technical consultation alone; they also place great emphasis on fostering partnerships built on trust and collaboration with clients throughout their transformative journey.
MHL Solutions have forged 20 official partnerships within the past year alone. These include esteemed communities like Neo Tokyo (offering a special 15% discount for their NFT holders), as well as prominent Web3 businesses such as WebThreeConsulting, TokenPR, InnMind, NGMI Lab, and many more. Recently, a strategic partnership was formed with Yobe Consulting—a BBB-certified firm.

Beyond their expertise in Web3 technologies, MHL Solutions has cultivated a network of visionary professionals who are well-versed in various domains such as blockchain development, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts, and more. Their broad range of knowledge allows them to provide comprehensive guidance tailored specifically for each client's unique goals and requirements.

In MHL Solutions' Medium article "Web3 Consulting Explained," they outline a few challenges faced by Web3 consulting companies. However, MHL Solutions is already tackling three of these issues head-on. They dedicate countless hours to research and offer assistance in establishing robust legal frameworks and conducting security audits for their clients.

Unlock your business potential with scalable solutions

Achieving high-quality performance while scaling operations is paramount to MHL Solutions. That's why they've revamped four key in-house services (tokenomics audit, SAFT analysis, project analysis, and custom investment plan) into a streamlined model. Now available at a fixed price, with delivery within 72 hours of payment. Elevating the client experience to new heights!

But wait, there's more! MHL Solutions doesn't just stop at that. They proudly serve their clients over the long haul, with commitments extending up to one year. And here's an exclusive offer: if you sign with MHL Solutions in December, you'll get a jaw-dropping 50% discount on your contract size! Don't miss out on this unforgettable opportunity!

As part of their unwavering dedication to providing valuable insights and knowledge to their followers and clients, MHL Solutions has taken a significant step forward by launching an exciting new blog on the popular platform, Patreon. This move showcases their commitment to fostering a strong educational community while offering exclusive content for subscribers.
Within this innovative blog space, MHL Solutions has meticulously curated all the reports they have conducted throughout the previous year. By consolidating these valuable reports in one easily accessible location.

Furthermore, Mark has straightened his partnership with Sarah, founder of TokenPR and writer at Influencive.com, to launch a game-changing podcast: How I Met Web3. Get ready for insightful interviews with visionary Web3 entrepreneurs shaping the industry like never before.

In conclusion, MHL Solutions is well-positioned to establish itself as a leader in Web3 consulting. With their visionary approach and extensive expertise, they are determined to revolutionize businesses' digital strategies by seamlessly integrating decentralized technologies into various sectors. This will usher enterprises into an era where trust, transparency, and user empowerment take center stage.

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Source: Mark Mhilli, Mhl Solutions

Los Angeles, CA

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