The 10 best electric hunting bikes for 2024, tested and reviewed

Top electric hunting bikes 2024: Range, Power, Payload, Quality, and Price.

What is an electric hunting bike?

Electric bicycles resemble conventional or mountain bikes but are equipped with an additional motor, battery, and controller. All these elements blend perfectly with the design, allowing riders to supplement their physical strength rather than entirely replace it in most situations.

An electric hunting bike can travel up to 60 miles between charges thanks to its exceptionally sturdy build. E-Bikes designed for hunting can be equipped with racks, backpacks, and cargo trailers to facilitate the transportation of all your equipment. Electric motorcycles are ideal for hunting since they simplify getting your gear and killing at home.

Electric bikes intended for hunting are not the same as regular e-bikes disguised for usage in urban areas. Hunting e-bikes have a specifically built chassis that can survive the rugged terrain outdoors while being lightweight enough to easily lift into and out of your vehicle or trailer.

Similar to hunting bikes, electric mountain bikes enable users to travel off-road faster and with less effort. There are several distinctions between the two types of all-terrain electric bicycles, but they both give riders more control over rugged terrain. Generally speaking, electric hunting bikes have more robust frames that can support greater weight.

A robust suspension system on an electric hunting bike enables it to traverse various terrain. You can lift heavier loads because fat tires offer more stability. And let's not overlook the option of a hunting bike with a covert camo paint job.

While there are a lot of eBikes on the market right now, not all of them are made equally. You need an eBike model made especially for hunting circumstances and considerations if you wish to ride your bike while hunting; some of the top E-Bikes of 2024 are given below.

  1. Young Electric E-Scout Pro

Key Features:

  • Stated Range: Up to 80 miles

  • Motor Power: 750 W

  • Payload Capacity: 330 lbs lbs.

  • Price: $1,599.00

The freshly updated 48V/20Ah, 960Wh LG battery that powers the E-Scout Pro steadily levels the range up to 80 miles. Thanks to its detachable design, it's also straightforward to charge it wherever you are. Together, these two updates will help you overcome range anxiety and continue your journey.

The E-Scout Pro is designed for electric hunting bike . In addition to improving the bike's look, the streamlined head tube, more robust welding method, and brake tail light also make riding safer and more enjoyable. With an industry-best 5-year limited guarantee, YOUNG ELECTRIC proudly stands behind its goods and provides the most worry-free post-purchase experience. With a 750W brushless hub motor, the E-Scout Pro can reach speeds of up to 28 mph when using the pedal and 20 mph while using the throttle, enabling you to navigate any terrain. Equipped with a multifunctional HMI Display that shows the essential bike status information should the rider need to inspect it while pedaling. The thumb throttle design of the E-Scout Pro combines convenience and safety features to make it simple to change the pedal assist level. The E-Scout Pro has an adjustable suspension fork that allows for versatile and comfortable riding on various surfaces. E-Scout Pro uses the Shimano 7-Speed Gearing system, which offers smooth gear changing and increased durability to make cycling more pleasurable and seamless. It has hydraulic disc brakes responsive enough to react rapidly to braking applications, ensuring your safety in an emergency. 95% of the assembly for each E-Scout Pro is already complete, allowing you to construct your bike even without prior bike-building knowledge swiftly.

2.Young Electric E-Urban Pro

Key Features

  • Stated Range: Up to 60 miles

  • Motor Power: 500 W

  • Payload Capacity: 300 lbs.

  • Price: $1999

The E-Urban Pro is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an electric hunting bike that is both lightweight and easy to operate. Its 100% pre-assembled construction and weight of only 57.3 lbs allow for easy folding and travel. The bike has a unique internal Shimano 7-speed gear hub, which ensures smooth gear changes and a comfortable ride. It also has a powerful 720Wh LG battery that can run rides up to 60 miles, making it an excellent option for leisure and daily riding. By optimizing the bike's weight distribution, the hub motor's unique design in the front wheel ensures a more stable and balanced ride. Moreover, the 500W motor provides enough power for everyday commuting and recreational rides. With only one charge, the 720Wh Lithium-ion Battery that powers the E-Urban Pro can take you up to 60 miles. It is powered by LG cells. Because of its detachable design, you may charge the battery whenever and wherever it's most convenient. The premium Shimano 7-Speed Gear Hub offers the most effective and unmatched cycling experience. Its internal design outperforms conventional derailleur systems in terms of longevity and ease of maintenance. You may have better control over your ebike with an integrated Full-Color HMI Display, which provides all the necessary riding and trip statistics while on the road. The high-intensity LED headlight improves visibility for nighttime riding and ensures low-light safety. Furthermore, the integrated taillight has a brake light function and guarantees the best possible visibility for cars and other riders. The E-Urban Pro is designed to accommodate diverse riders with its adjustable handlebar, which can be folded for ease of transportation, personalized to your preferences, or modified for comfort. Its raised shape and cross tube provide plenty of room for any attachments that may be required.

3.Rambo Megatron

Key Features:

  • Stated Range: Up to 80 miles

  • Motor Power: 1,000 W

  • Payload Capacity: 300 lbs.

  • Price: $6,099.99 – $6,299.99

With two 1000-watt motors, Rambo's Megatron electric hunting bike delivers excellent performance and acceleration for greater harvests. Its all-wheel drive off-road capabilities provide superior grip and control, especially in challenging terrains, and the lack of gears minimizes maintenance needs. It delivers a quick and exhilarating ride with a peak speed of 28 mph and a distinctive look that makes it stand out from other conventional ebikes.

Though it only comes with a one-year guarantee, several riders have complained that it is expensive given its features and componentry. Furthermore, more affordable e-bikes with superior components and significant support are available. Not to add that ebikes with motors more than 750 watts are only legal in a few jurisdictions. Concerns regarding the effect of the front engine on the suspension fork, brand distrust, and the potential for a less expensive version of the bike to be assembled have also been voiced by riders.

4.QuietKat Apex Pro

Key Features:

  • Stated Range 24-48 miles.

  • Motor power: 1,000W (mid-drive)

  • Payload capacity 325 lbs.

  • Price: $5,499–5,599

When we go hunting, one of our main objectives is to come out heavy. The QuietKat Apex Pro ($5,499–5,599) will happily relieve you of this burden and help you accomplish it with ease. Rachelle Schrute, our Hunt & Fish Editor, is testing this bike to maximize its carrying capability for the impending big game season.

The Apex Pro, outfitted with a noiseless 1,000W engine, was created to take on the "steep and deep" challenges of wilderness exploration. Small, medium, and large frame sizes are available.

Thanks to the inverted front suspension fork, those journeys will be even more comfortable. The Apex Pro has an integrated pannier rack with a 100-pound carrying capacity to accommodate all your goods. Additionally, you can add many accessories to this bike, such as weapon holders and trailers.

Unsurprisingly, this e-bike is hefty, like most of them. The Apex Pro weighs seventy pounds, which will be noted. Consequently, the range isn't great per battery, even though this is a beast of a load carrier with a 325-pound carrying capacity. You'll get 24-48 miles on a full charge, which is on the lower end of our discussion.

The QuietKat Apex Pro is as genuine an e-bike as it gets for a committed pack mule in your corner.

5.Juiced Ripcurrent S

Key Features

  • Stated Range: 70+ miles

  • Motor Power: 1,000W

  • Payload Capacity: 300 lbs

  • Price: $1,599

The Juiced RipCurrent S has a robust 1000-watt motor that can handle a variety of terrains, a long battery life for longer rides, and an intuitive pedal assist system. Although an extra bonus, it's important to remember that in the US, ebike motors can only exceed 750 watts in 7 states. Numerous riders have expressed satisfaction with the high-caliber construction and customer care they received.

On the other hand, riders have complained that loud brakes could ruin your cover if you're trying to hunt covertly. Additionally, there are worries that the basic saddle may not be comfortable enough for lengthy outdoor rides. Riders have also raised other concerns, such as inconsistent gear shifting and the need for extra equipment like system lighting to be standard.

6.Bakcou Mule

Key Features

  • Stated Range: Not specified

  • Motor Power: (1,000W)

  • Payload capacity 300 lbs.

  • Price: $5,499

It would be impossible for us to talk about e-bikes without bringing up the Bakcou Mule ($5,499). It does more than speak the talk. He says, "rides the ride," maybe.

A 1,000W mid-drive e-bike designed with hunting enthusiasts in mind. The moniker Mule fully reflects it, from the 300-pound hauling capacity to the intelligent torque-detecting Bafang M620 Ultra motor.

To comply with all e-bike legal requirements, you may also choose between 750W, 1,000W, and a maximum power of 1,500W. You'll travel efficiently and effectively with the Shimano nine-speed gearing, shock-absorbing seat, and Maxxis Minion 26" x 4.0 tires.

The Bakcou Mule is not without drawbacks. First, the weight without the battery is 67 pounds, as predicted. The battery will increase that weight by nine or twelve pounds, depending on your battery type. Not everyone will fit the Mule well because it only comes in an 18-inch frame size.

Bakcou Mule e-bikes are used for riding in rugged terrain and hunting forests. For a reason, they are the best-selling e-bike, which has made them extremely popular.

7.Venton Sinch.2

Key Features:

  • Stated Range: Up to 55 miles

  • Motor Power: 750W

  • Payload Capacity: 300 lbs

  • Price: $1,499

The Sinch.2 fits where most bikes can't since it's lightweight, storable, and efficient. It has a higher build quality than comparable models, a 500-watt engine that can handle inclines efficiently, a range of gears for comfortable riding, a gentle throttle for safe takeoffs, and a step-through frame that can accommodate different rider types. The Sinch.2's folding chassis makes it easier to travel than other electric hunting bikes, and its step-through allows more riders of all ages and physical restrictions to pursue the game.

The bike's weight can be challenging to carry and transport, there have been complaints of latch problems when folding the bike, and its 20 mph speed limit can be annoying for riders who like to ride faster ebikes. Other drawbacks include some riders noting a delay in the pedal assist on slopes.

8.Rogue Ridge RF 750

Key Features

  • Stated Range: 25 miles

  • Motor Power: 750w mid-drive

  • Load Capacity: 300 pounds

  • Price: $3,499.99-$3,599.99

The RF 750 is a highly competitive bike due to its pricing, performance, and appearance. Its compact handling and ability to navigate tight spaces along the trail make up for what it lacks in high-end power. Many excellent features, such as the lock-out front suspension that lets you modify your ride, whether you spend more time riding trails or the highway, are housed in its sturdy and trustworthy frame.

This bike is incredibly portable due to its foldable nature. It is simple to store in the back of your vehicle, trailer, hitch hauler, or roof rack because it folds in two locations. It uses a straightforward lock-out mechanism that is easy to disassemble and assemble. Plus, with the battery installed, it weighs just 55 pounds. The RF 750 should catch your attention if you're looking for an electric bike to help you reach those secret spots while conserving your room.

9.Aventon Adventure.2

Key Features:

  • Stated Range: Up to 60 miles

  • Motor Power: 750W

  • Payload Capacity: 400 lbs

  • Price: $1,799

For a reasonable price, Aventon's Aventure 2 offers excellent features for hunting. With a torque sensor for a smooth ride, a peak speed of 28 mph, a range of up to 60 miles, and a 400-pound carrying capacity, it has a robust 750-watt motor. In addition, Aventon has a broad nationwide dealer network with over 1,000 locations, first-rate customer service, and a two-warranty that gives riders confidence in their purchase and riding.

Its battery and engine may be smaller than other electric hunting motorcycles, resulting in a shorter range. When selecting between e-bike models, however, don't forget to consider your riding terrain, local ebike power constraints, and unique demands.

10.Bakcou The Storm

Key Features:

  • Stated Range: 60+ miles

  • Motor Power: 750W (Options for more output)

  • Payload Capacity: 300 lbs

  • Price: $5,599

The Bakcou Storm is a costly but great option for off-road riding and hunting because of its many advantages. Customers value its strong performance, complete suspension system for comfort on uneven terrain, premium parts, climbing capacity, and general robustness.

Concerns have been raised regarding the bike's pricing and components, how the length of the front fender affects visibility, and the limited number of size options available to accommodate varying rider heights. Riders have also voiced concerns about its power and the absence of a shock pump when descending steep terrain.


"The Young Electric eBike is the greatest choice for electric hunting motorcycles in 2024 due to its excellent range, reasonable pricing, strong motor, and spacious payload capacity. It sets a new benchmark for the electric hunting bike industry by skillfully fusing cutting-edge technology with features appropriate for an expedition."

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