The First Batch of Exhibition Gardens Completed at the Main Venue of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2024 Chengdu

"Jinan Garden, an exquisite blend of Jinan's culture, showcases traditional dwellings, lotus water features, and serene landscapes."

As the core component of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2024 Chengdu (referred to as "Expo 2024 Chengdu" for short), the construction of one hundred exhibition gardens has garnered considerable attention. Recently, thanks to the tireless efforts of the workers, several gardens at the main venue, such as Ningbo Garden, Taiyuan Garden, and Jinan Garden, have been completed. As a result, the landscape has essentially taken shape.

Jinan Garden takes landscapes as its core, with its buildings resembling traditional quadrangle dwellings found in Jinan. It skillfully integrates Jinan dwellings with springs to showcase the unique garden culture of Jinan, known as the "Spring City".

In the Jinan Garden, traditional Jinan-style buildings are constructed using black bricks and gray tiles. At the main entrance, the road has been paved with well-spaced bluestone slabs. The flower wall has been essentially completed, and the traditional floral-pendant gate stands in serenity.

While strolling along the main road into the garden, a waterside pavilion comes into sight, followed by the central feature of the garden known as the "Water of Lotus." As one of the focal landscapes of the Jinan Garden, the "Water of Lotus" will be adorned with lotus plants, the city flower of Jinan, in the later stages. Across from the pavilion, the main structure of traditional Jinan-style dwellings has been finalized. Sunlight streams into the rooms through wooden doors and windows. These buildings, small and delicately crafted, face the pavilion across the water.

Furthermore, the main pavilions, pergolas, streets, and lanes, along with the surrounding landscapes, have been finished. Tall trees have been planted, enhancing the overall ambiance. Next to the waterside pavilion, the city tree of Jinan, willows, contribute to the garden's beauty with their graceful shape and gently swaying branches. This sight evokes the imagery of an enchanting garden, characterized by lotus flowers in every direction and willows on three sides, with mountains and a lake adding to its picturesque scenery.

According to the project leader of Chengdu Horticultural Exhibition Operation and Development Co., Ltd., all gardens will be fully completed by the end of February 2024.

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