ZTX Launches Long Awaited Official Beta

ZTX Launches Long Awaited Official Beta

ZTX will unveil its official beta application next week on the Arbitrum network

ZTX, the popular Web3 virtual world and creator platform, has announced its plans to unveil its official beta application on Arbitrum next week.

The beta will primarily feature a harvesting and crafting game loop that enables users to create their own assets and decorate their virtual real estate. Such activities can also lead to economic benefits, and is largely expected to kick off in earnest the journey of ZTX as a live on-chain metaverse platform. Buying, selling, trading or renting of virtual assets are expected to form popular aspects of user behavior, while additional mini-gaming experiences will enrich the user experience.

T. Elliot Cannon, Head of Game Design at ZTX, a AAA veteran in the video game industry (Unreal, Unreal Tournament) and one of the original designers at Epic Games said, “ZTX empowers players to create game assets, furniture, wearables, and interactive objects. Every crafted item is an NFT the player owns, and that means the freedom to build, collect, trade, sell, or buy the things you want to make your avatar, home, and land representative of your dream. The scale of vision at ZTX to enable such creative economy and self-representation is unmatched by other projects in the space.”

Travis Britton, Chief Creative Officer at ZTX and former Executive Creative Director at Roblox emphasized the aesthetic strengths of the ZTX Beta saying: ”ZTX was designed to feel familiar, yet forward-looking, from our avatar builder to the gameplay itself. We've designed an exciting catalog of top quality wearables and craftables that stands out among the competition. Throughout Season 1 of the Beta, our community will be engaged with these assets and looking forward to what comes next. We'll also be launching exclusive, beautiful new experiences that will connect to specific traits of our Genesis Homes.”

Cassidy Robertson, Senior Product Manager at ZTX and early team member of Cryptokitties at Dapper Labs commented: ”ZTX is creating a sticky foundation for players to build incredible worlds. Starting with the personal paradise a user can construct, to the strong creator economies constructed by communities, ZTX will become the killer app that supports socializing and self-expression in Web3.”

Luke Xiao, Business Development Manager at Offchain Labs voiced positive expectations emanating from the Arbitrum community: "ZTX has quickly positioned itself as a notable project on Arbitrum as well as the broader Web3 gaming landscape. The Arbitrum community eagerly anticipated ZTX's beta launch and is thrilled by the high-quality albeit fast-moving developmental work of the ZTX team. We look forward to seeing ZTX's future advancements.”

The ZTX team will be announcing exact details of the beta launch via its social media accounts on X and Discord. The team has also previously stated that more NFT launches are slated in the short term future following the beta launch.

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