Airdeed Homes Unveils Exclusive Home Price Study for the Savannah Metropolitan Area

Airdeed Homes unveils Savannah Metro's real estate study, spotlighting Savannah's charm at $450,000 and Tybee Island's coastal luxury at $850,000.

Airdeed Homes, a leading real estate search website and data research company, proudly announces the results of its recent study on active home listings' median prices in the picturesque Savannah metropolitan area.

Key Findings: Median Home Prices Across Savannah Metro Cities

Airdeed Homes' latest study unveils a diverse spectrum of median home prices across major cities in the Savannah metropolitan area. Here is an overview of the median prices for select cities:

  1. Tybee Island
    • Average: $1,093,241.96
    • Median: $850,000.00
  2. Savannah
    • Average: $755,533.00
    • Median: $450,000.00
  3. Richmond Hill
    • Average: $679,010.26
    • Median: $445,000.00
  4. Pooler
    • Average: $528,357.93
    • Median: $398,000.00
  5. Rincon
    • Average: $871,406.21
    • Median: $348,830.00

Savannah: A Southern Charm in Every Home

Savannah homes for sale came in at a median home price of $450,000.00, epitomizing Southern charm and historic allure. Known for its oak-lined streets, antebellum architecture, and vibrant arts scene, Savannah continues to enchant homebuyers seeking a unique blend of history and modern living. Airdeed Homes' study underscores Savannah's pivotal role in the metropolitan real estate market, offering a median price that reflects its distinctive cultural richness.

Tybee Island: Coastal Luxury Living

Tybee Island housesĀ for sale came in at a median home price of $850,000.00, emerge as a coastal haven for luxury living. With pristine beaches and a laid-back atmosphere, Tybee Island attracts those seeking an exclusive coastal lifestyle. Airdeed Homes' study highlights Tybee Island as a gem in the Savannah metro, offering unparalleled real estate options for those desiring a blend of natural beauty and upscale living.

Insights into Local Real Estate Dynamics

The study delves into various factors influencing real estate dynamics in each city, including coastal proximity, community amenities, and historical significance. Airdeed Homes remains committed to providing homebuyers, sellers, and investors with valuable insights to navigate the complexities of the Savannah metropolitan housing market.

About Airdeed Homes

Airdeed is a cutting-edge real estate search engine that has revolutionized how buyers search for local real estate. Their ultimate goal is to equip home buyers and sellers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their housing needs. Airdeed wants to empower its users with comprehensive local business data on nearby real estate properties for sale.


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