ZTX Reveals Plans for Second Token Project

ZTX Reveals Plans for Second Token Project

ZTX will take Stickerly, a global UGC platform with over 400M lifetime users and expand it to Web3 next year

ZTX, the comprehensive Web3 virtual world and creator platform, is launching a second token project next year that takes Stickerly - one of the world’s largest UGC platforms for memes and stickers - into Web3.

Stickerly is a Web2 mobile application that enables users to easily create and edit memes in the form of stickers, then instantly use them in Telegram, Whatsapp, or iMessage. Stickerly’s smooth UX has led to nearly three billion memes being created through the app, and this ease of use has attracted over 400M lifetime users and around 30M Monthly Active Users for Stickerly. Of these monthly users, roughly one third are creators, underlining Stickerly’s appeal as a UGC powerhouse to its global user base that sees heavy participation from Latin America, Southeast Asia, and India.

The ZTX team has been incubating a Web3 version of Stickerly for the near future, and content crossover synergies between ZTX and Web3 Stickerly are expected. For example, the Genesis Homes collection or other limited assets in ZTX may feature in the inaugural sticker collections published by Web3 Stickerly, while select $ZTX token holders and ZTX Genesis Home owners can become eligible for the Web3 Stickerly token airdrop, provided their wallets meet the airdrop criteria.

Alexx, Chief Futurist at ZTX said: “Stickerly is the sibling project we’ve been working on in stealth. Our primary focus has been developing the ZTX metaverse platform, but since Stickerly is also a hugely successful global product in its own right, we felt strongly about bridging it over to Web3 and driving even more value to ZTX holders and community. This solidifies our commitment to providing diverse UGC tooling and infrastructure to Web3 creators, as well as our drive for onboarding more mainstream audiences to Web3.”

The ZTX team is yet to announce a timeline for the launch of Web3 Stickerly and its token. However, the team has stated that the launch is not intended to be too far away and that future announcements will provide more updates. Moreover, the team intends to continue value accretion for existing $ZTX holders and ZTX Genesis Home owners via a special allocation in the Stickerly token airdrop to qualifying wallets.

In the immediate future, the ZTX team will be launching more releases for the official beta of its flagship metaverse application, ZTX. More details can be found on its accounts on X and Discord.

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