Introducing TVALB: Your Gateway to Albanian TV

TVALB connects Albanian diaspora with homeland TV, offering diverse content.

When relocating to another country, many people leave behind familiar comforts of home, including their native language, beloved TV shows and movies, and news broadcasts. They may want to get in touch with the cultural roots and peculiarities of their nationality from time to time. This is where TVALB steps in.

TVALB is dedicated to serving the Albanian community in the USA and Canada by delivering Albanian TV channels, ensuring that they stay connected to their heritage through Albanian TV live. Let’s explore the platform in detail.

How to Watch Albanian TV When Residing in the USA and Canada?

Content Overview

TVALB is a platform offering Albanian TV channels, international channels, and on-demand video content to viewers who live in America and Canada. The service was particularly designed to bridge the gap between the Albanian diaspora and their native land, delivering programs originally broadcasted in Kosovo, Albanian, and Montenegro.

The TVALB platform boasts an extensive content library that encompasses more than 250 Albanian TV channels. The service provides access to content from top-notch platforms, such as Artmotion, Tring, and Kujtesa.

TVALB subscribers appreciate watching the popular reality show, “Big Brother VIP Kosova.” In this show, twelve contestants live together without a connection to the outside world, competing for a cash prize. One of the contestants is evicted from the house each week based on the public vote, and the last person becomes a winner. The new season is already on air.

Subscription Plans

The TVALB platform allows followers to choose between two distinct subscription packages. The choice of the package determines the range of devices available for watching videos.

A plan for an individual grants access to content selection exclusively on a mobile phone, while the 3-in-1 package extends access to three devices, including a laptop, a Smart TV, and a mobile device.

TVALB usually provides discounts and sales for its customers so that they get access to a vast content library on the best terms.

There is an ongoing offer right now. Subscribers can acquire an annual subscription at a reduced price. The opportunity to watch videos across several gadgets costs $16,58 per month. The individuals pay $5,99 a month.

Furthermore, TVALB subscribers receive a set-top box with Wi-Fi and free shipping.

Drawing the Line

Currently, 90% of the Albanian community residing in the USA and Canada have chosen TVALB as a preferred platform for accessing Albanian TV channels. For shqip tv hd in Europe and the United Kingdom it is possible to opt for NimiTV. The extensive content collection, compatibility with many devices, and flexible subscription options make TVALB a convenient and appealing service for users.

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