ARC Releases Pressure Transmitters Global Market Research 2022-2027: Asia Leads in Market Scale

ARC Releases Pressure Transmitters Global Market Research 2022-2027: Asia Leads in Market Scale

ARC's report reveals global pressure transmitter market trends, dominant players, and emerging competition.

Recently, the globally renowned industrial technology research and consulting organization ARC Advisory Group (referred to as ARC) released the Pressure Transmitters Global Market Research 2022-2027. The report delineates the status and forecasts of the global pressure transmitter market, offering accurate data analysis and strategic planning references for users and suppliers in the global pressure transmitter industry. Established in 1986, ARC boasts an extensive global client base. Its in-depth research and comprehensive coverage span across operational technology, engineering technology, and the integration of information technology within today's global manufacturing, infrastructure, and smart city sectors.

The report data reveals a steady increase in the global pressure transmitter market in 2022. Asia maintains the largest market share globally, reaching 44.7%. The North American and EMEA markets also show strong growth, collectively holding the majority share of the global pressure transmitter market.

In terms of market rank, leading enterprises have dominated the market share, with the top five suppliers of pressure transmitters accounting for approximately 83% of the total market share in 2022, including Yokogawa, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, ABB, and Honeywell. Emerson and Yokogawa held the largest individual shares, each exceeding 35% and 24% respectively. Moreover, end-users from emerging economies such as China and India are showing continuous growth. Of note, a Chinese enterprise has made its debut in the top ten global pressure transmitter market rankings for the first time.

Among them, Emerson continues to maintain its dominance in North America, EMEA, and Latin America with its pressure transmitters known for their lightweight, compact, and easy-to-install features, finding extensive applications across various industries. Yokogawa's deep expertise in process manufacturing and services further solidifies its market position. Endress+Hauser's sustained focus on market expansion has enabled it to retain its position as the third-largest pressure transmitter supplier in 2022. ABB's products, equipped with digital communication protocols, are capable of generating thousands of data points per minute for advanced diagnostics, earning customer recognition. Honeywell's continuous expansion of its production intelligence, through the introduction of additional measuring instruments, delivers added value to customers. Siemens, leveraging its extensive investment portfolio and dense distribution network, remains a significant contributor in the pressure transmitter market.

The Chinese enterprise Micro Sensor Co., Ltd. (referred to as Micro Sensor) has made its inaugural appearance in the top ten list of market share rankings, emerging as a new competitor in the global pressure sensor market in recent years. In 2022, it held a 1.7% share of the global pressure transmitter market, ranking 9th globally. Particularly noteworthy is its prominent presence in the water and wastewater industry applications, where it held a 7.4% share, ranking 6th globally. Similarly, in level measurement applications, it held a 3.2% share, also ranking 6th globally.

As per Hannover Messe and other public sources, Micro Sensor, established in 1993, is a global industrial automation instrumentation manufacturer and solutions provider. Specializing in providing process monitoring solutions for clients globally, including pressure, level, flow, and temperature measurements. Its customer base includes a variety of industries, including oil and gas, water affairs, chemicals, new energy, construction machinery, power generation, paper making, maritime, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. In July 2022, Micro Sensor announced its acquisition of Shanghai LEEG Instruments Co., Ltd. (LEEG), strengthening its layout in the process industry market.

In terms of industry application, the oil and gas industry holds the highest market share in the pressure transmitter market, reaching 23.9%, followed by the chemical industry with a 21.6% share. The power and refining industry each hold market shares over 10%. Additionally, other common industrial measurement applications also maintain relatively stable market shares.

Overall, developed countries currently dominate the global market share for pressure transmitters. While represented by China and India, developing countries are vigorously catching up in technology and production capacity, continuously challenging high-end brands. Propelled by the global energy transition and the intelligence of industrial manufacturing structures, it is predicted that the global pressure transmitter market will show steady growth in the coming five years. However, users are increasingly demanding higher-quality hardware for pressure transmitters, and they will also prioritize service and costs. These considerations will become crucial factors for global manufacturers facing intense market competition.

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