QuaiDesFormations.fr Crosses Milestone of 100,000 Training Programs within their Specialized Search Engine

The growth has been attributed to the increasing online training market in France

QuaiDesFormations.fr, the French search engine specializing in training, has announced that the platform has crossed over 100,000 training programs. This milestone comes amid growing need of users seeking professional and personal development opportunities in France, which has resulted in revenue for online training market in the country in 2023 to now reach an estimated $ 340.80Mn.

The company attributed the growth in the database to its investment in building QuaiDesFormations.fr's user-friendly interface and search capabilities that are able to recognize and encompass the vocabulary associated with various sectors, professions, skills, diplomas, and industries such as commercial sector, entrepreneurship and IT which helps to simplify the search process for users and offers them tailored recommendations.

Talking to the press, a spokesperson at QuaiDesFormations.fr said, "Surpassing 100,000 training programs on QuaiDesFormations.fr is not just a numerical milestone but a testament to the evolving landscape of professional development in France. We are proud to provide users with a range of opportunities for skill enhancement. In three years, QuaiDesFormations.fr has experienced substantial growth and now covers approximately 80% of the training market in France. As we mark the inclusion of over 100,000 training programs on QuaiDesFormations.fr, we appreciate our customers' trust in us."

The organization also credited its growth to its pricing model that enables trainers, schools, and training organizations to present their offerings free of cost so broad audience can reach out to them.

He went on to add, "Our site has trainings on just about any topic such as personal development, the development of oneself, or artistic or leisure skills. We also have highly specialized trainings for instance when it comes to writing there are trainings from the renowned writer Agathe Karella where she teaches people how to write a novel. We will continue to expand our database so that we are able to sustain our position in the French training market and users are able to find the proper training to propel their careers forward. "

The company announced its plan to keep adding more practical training programs like the ones they recently added around obtaining qualifications for driving carts and logistics equipment in warehouses and real estate.

People interested in learning more about their training ecosystem in France can visit their website today.

About QuaiDesFormations.fr

QuaiDesFormations.fr is a French search engine dedicated exclusively to training. The site has been established to simplify the search for professional and personal development opportunities. Besides their free listing options, they also have a paid tier for entities looking to capture more contact requests and expand their reach.

Contact Information

Contact Person Name: Vioux Alexis


E-mail: [email protected]

Address:City: Saint-Clement-de-Riviere

State: : Occitanie

Country: France

Website: https://quaidesformations.fr

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