Brosix Launches AI Live Chat Bot to Optimize Customer Support

Brosix unveils AI Live Chat Bot, enhancing customer support with 24/7 automated, efficient service and user experience.

Brosix will roll out an artificial intelligence-powered live chat bot feature designed to streamline customer support and enhance user experience. Implementing natural language capabilities and data from Brosix’s customer care team, the AI bot will offer 24/7 automated assistance across common inquiries.

As demand grows, balancing efficient service with individualized support will pose increasing challenges for businesses. However, leveraging intelligent automation in conjunction with human agents can allow companies to scale customer care operations successfully. Brosix’s new AI live chat bot will deliver the best of both technology and personal attention.

“Providing timely, high-quality customer service is one of our top priorities though also one of our biggest operational hurdles,” said Stefan Chekanov, CEO of Brosix. “With AI integration in our live chat platform, we will be able to resolve common issues instantaneously while enabling our team to focus on requests needing a human touch. This will optimize support across the board.”

When visitors navigate to customer’s website and initiate a live chat session, the AI bot will trigger automatically to handle simple, repetitive questions. For example, it can provide links to helpful resources, field pricing and product inquiries, update customers on order status, and more based on the company’s expansive knowledge base. If a request requires escalation to an agent, the bot will seamlessly transfer the chat.

As veterans in encrypted communication solutions for over 15 years, Brosix recognizes the sensitivities around AI automation and customer data. Their infrastructure applies end-to-end encryption, access controls, and other robust measures to safeguard information security enterprise-wide. The AI chat bot will uphold identical security protocols to deliver private, trustworthy support.

The upcoming introduction of Brosix’s AI live chat bot promises to drive significant efficiencies while allowing their customer care team to focus on relationship building and complex troubleshooting. With the bot managing up to 80% of repetitive questions automatically, wait times will be slashed across the board. Joining forces, the AI-powered and human support will deliver unmatched service.

For Brosix, evolving their offerings to align intelligent technology with dedicated teams will exemplify their leadership in the communication space. As demands continue rising in today’s digital-first climate, AI integration represents the next generation of customer experience.

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