GoPDF Unveils Cutting-Edge PDF Ai Chat Feature

PDF editing experience for everyone with budget-friendly pricing policies, provides a freemium service.

New York, NY, United States, January 12, 2024- GoPDF, which quickly managed to stand out among its competitors and became one of the most preferred online PDF editors, added a new one to the variety of editing tools it offers to users. This feature, which reduces the PDF editing time to a much shorter time, allows you to quickly make changes to the document. GoPDF, which has been working on digital document conversion such as OCR PDF and continues its work to develop and increase the features offered to the user as necessary, announced its new feature to its users and the technology world.

GoPDF, which particularly highlights its AI-powered aspects for user experience, has taken pioneering steps in the industry by following a similar behavioral pattern in terms of the features it has developed so far. The AI chat feature is only available in a few online PDF editors, and one of these platforms is GoPDF.

How Does AI Chat with PDF Work?

Developed with the principle that a user can work result-oriented during the PDF editing process, AI chat with PDF offers users an AI experience directly related to document editing. In this way, users can easily perform the actions they need on a single page instead of performing them on several platforms.

A user can perform the following actions through the AI Chat with PDF feature:

  • PDF scanning
  • Summarizing
  • Adding annotations
  • Collaborating with PDF
  • Finding phrases in PDF
  • Replacing words and sentences
  • Learning from PDF

The PDF Ai Chat feature, which is offered to users so that they can quickly edit PDFs with the help of artificial intelligence, basically scans the PDF file. Thus, the tool is ready to fulfill the requests sent from the users through the chat section and can fulfill any request within seconds. In addition, thanks to the AI chat with PDF feature, users can have more comfortable control over the PDF file, keep track of changes in the document, and easily add new ones.

Other User-Friendly Features of GoPDF

In recent years, the use of online PDF editors has become a preferred activity especially among users. GoPDF is a platform that started to be developed considering the interest in these platforms and offers features to the user experience that are not available on other platforms. The platform, which stands out by quickly developing features to increase user experience, offers the following features for users to perform the actions they need in minimum time:

  • Edit PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Crop PDF
  • Fill and Sign
  • Protect PDF
  • Convert PDF
  • PDF Ai Chat

The platform offers users JPG and Microsoft Word options for PDF conversion; It becomes a user-friendly platform by offering various features such as encrypting documents and editing their sizes and formats.

Various features such as filling out or signing a PDF form and converting paper documents to digital are among the features offered through GoPDF. The mobile application of the platform, which is currently developing its AI-powered aspects, is also being developed. GoPDF, which aims to provide an accessible PDF editing experience for everyone with budget-friendly pricing policies, provides a freemium service.

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