The LinkTo Dubai Exclusive Dinner concluded successfully in Dubai, marking a milestone in Web3 innovation for short video advertising.

LinkTo's Dubai event showcased Web3's advertising revolution with global impact.

Held on January 13, 2024, at Conrad Dubai 2F Grand ballroom, the event celebrated LinkTo's achievements and showcased the application of Web3 technology in advertising. With over 600 attendees from 30+ countries, the event featured 5 keynote speeches on Web3 and advertising innovations. Supported by 20 sponsors and covered by 30 mainstream media outlets, the event generated immense social media buzz with 300,000 mentions. A highlight was the live stream, attracting over 700,000 online viewers, demonstrating LinkTo's global appeal and the potential of Web3 in enhancing digital marketing and social media engagement.

Esteemed guests included Royal Advisors Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali and Abdullah Al Habtoor, Chairman Li Nonghe of the World Chinese Business Promotion Association, Whistle CEO David Cheang, and LinkTo representative Rich. They explored the prospects of Web3 in the short video industry and shared insights on blockchain in advertising.

Two discussions stood out:

1. "LinkTo: Revolutionizing Short Video Traffic and Monetization with the Power of Blockchain" by LinkTo representative Rich, focusing on leveraging blockchain for short video content appeal and profitability.

2. "Whistle: Redefining SocialFi in the Web3.0 Era" by Whistle CEO David Cheang, discussing the integration of social media and financial services in a decentralized, user-driven ecosystem.

These topics highlighted Web3's revolutionary role in digital marketing and social media, signaling a major industry shift. The banquet not only celebrated LinkTo's achievements but also offered deep insights into the future of short video advertising, heralding a more open, interactive, and innovative era in advertising.

About LinkTo:

A one-stop marketing service platform, LinkTo innovates advertising through Web3 technology, offering efficient and creative solutions for advertisers and content creators, driving continuous growth in the short video industry.

For more information, visit LinkTo's official website or follow their social media platforms.

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