Bridging Mass adoption with Third-generation Blockchain : SASEUL AMA with Global Influencer

Seoul Labs' successful global AMA unveils SASEUL's innovative blockchain, overcoming limitations. Launching SLUSH project on December 16th

On the 14th and 15th of this month, the Seoul Labs team successfully hosted its first live AMA (Ask Me Anything) with global influencers.

The event was organized by Seoul Labs, which is in charge of marketing and operations of SASEUL, and provided a place for communication with participants from all over the world.

In this AMA, SASEUL shared how the third-generation blockchain overcomes the trilemma of existing blockchains (scalability, decentralization, and security), as well as SASEUL's motivation for development, roadmap for the future, and its unique approach to overcoming the limitations of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Our first AMA session with global influencer Cryptoiz on April 14th was a great success, with a wide range of questions about the technology and its potential for development. We received over 3,500 responses to the AMA after the event was announced. In addition, more than 2,000 questions were asked during the live Q&A, confirming the market's enthusiasm for SASEUL.

"Bitcoin and Ethereum have established themselves as the largest and most stable blockchain networks, but there are inherent limitations to achieving mass adoption while maintaining decentralization and security," said a representative from Seoul Labs during the session. "SASEUL was developed to overcome these limitations and presents a new approach to maintaining a decentralized structure while ensuring security and fraud prevention."

The second session, held on Binance Live with global influencer, Decentralized Club, was a resounding success with over 2,000 concurrent users. The session introduced the SASEUL's roadmap, direction, and technical features.

In the second session, a representative from Seoul Labs said, "SASEUL has a technology that replaces bridges called Connected Contracts." "It is developed in a way that completely avoids the vulnerabilities of centralized servers and can be efficiently operated between two blockchain networks where smart contracts are guaranteed," and introduced that SASEUL is a blockchain engine with greatly improved interoperability compared to Ethereum.

A full transcript of the AMA will be made available on SASEUL's official community channels at a later date. In addition, the SLUSH project, a launchpad platform, will be officially launched on December 16th at 3:00 UTC to further expand the SASEUL ecosystem.

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